Beau Gamet attempts to ‘whip it out’ in the middle of downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville were near 3rd Ave South and the Pedestrian Bridge late Friday evening when they observed 38-year-old Beau Gamet begin to pull out his genitals and urinate where he stood, in the middle of other pedestrians. He was obviously intoxicated and was taken into custody for his own safety and charged with public intoxication.

Man who jumped off pedestrian bridge into Cumberland River arrested — Jason Phillips

21-year-old Jason Phillips jumped off the pedestrian bridge and into the Cumberland River just before 1 a.m. Sunday. Metro Nashville Police observed him swimming to the West shore near Broadway and 1st Ave S., and allowed him to be cleared by NFD medics before taking him into custody for public intoxication. Police say he still reeked of alcohol, had slurred speech, and had very dilated pupils.

Police offer to help intoxicated man find a ride home, he chose jail instead — Ryan Baker arrested #VisitMusicCity

Metro Nashville Police say they attempted to help find 23-year-old Ryan Baker a ride home after he got into a fight with his brother near the pedestrian bridge late Saturday night, in an effort to avoid being arrested due to his extremely intoxicated state, but he wasn’t having any part in their assistance. They couldn’t leave him there, as he was unable to care for himself, so he was booked into custody, charged with public intoxication. He yelled, screamed, and caused a dramatic scene during his arrest.

Ex-Rutgers Player Nadir Barnwell charged with Attempted Murder in Nashville

Nadir Malik Barnwell is currently being held in the Davidson County Jail on a $300,000 bond, charged with attempted criminal homicide. Detective say that just before 3 AM on Monday morning, security video of the Pedestrian Bridge downtown shows Nadir Barnwell, 22, pacing back and forth while the female victim is sitting down near him. According to detectives he appears to be agitated, and his shirt is off. Just after 02:51 AM he can be seen rushing toward the victim while she is sitting down. He picks her up from…

When your friend jumps off a bridge… Tylor Jay Buell #Arrested

Saturday evening, MNPD received a call of multiple persons climbing the arches of the Shelby St Pedestrian Bridge. While looking for those subjects, officers noticed a male was in the Cumberland River, below. Officers observed a person with a boat going to rescue the person in the river. He was taken to the dock where NFD medics arrived and stayed with him until police could make it to the dock location. Tylor Jay Buell would be the soaking wet 20 year old rescued from the Cumberland. Police found him to…