When your friend jumps off a bridge… Tylor Jay Buell #Arrested

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Saturday evening, MNPD received a call of multiple persons climbing the arches of the Shelby St Pedestrian Bridge. While looking for those subjects, officers noticed a male was in the Cumberland River, below.

Officers observed a person with a boat going to rescue the person in the river. He was taken to the dock where NFD medics arrived and stayed with him until police could make it to the dock location.

Tylor Jay Buell would be the soaking wet 20 year old rescued from the Cumberland. Police found him to be slightly intoxicated with bloodshot watery eyes and smelling of alcohol. Tourists on the dock report that Buell jumped from the bridge into the river. They also say that he appeared to be with the same group of teens that were climbing the arches of the bridge.

Buell was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct, and posted a $750 bond, he will appear in court on 04/16/18.

Tylor Jay Buell has previously dismissed charges for resisting arrest, vehicle burglary, burglary of a school, underage drinking, and theft.


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One Thought to “When your friend jumps off a bridge… Tylor Jay Buell #Arrested”

  1. Joe Bryant

    My friends and I were docked down there on a boat and had to go save him. He wasn’t going to make it to the banks and was screaming for help. Probably 300 yards down river by the time we got there.

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