Student arrested w/2 weapons at John Overton High School Monday

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On Monday, an 18 year old male student was arrested on a felony charge after he was found to have brought both a taser and a knife to John Overton High School. He did deploy the taser inside the school.

Yesterday (03/19) morning at John Overton High School in Nashville during the 8:30 AM class change, a teacher overheard what sounded like a taser being deployed near a group of boys that were standing near her classroom. As she approached the group, they quickly left the area, so the teacher notified school administration.

An investigation and review of security footage in the area revealed the student, Carlos Fuentes-Pineda, showing a group of boys ‘something’, and upon being questioned about the incident, the student admitted it was a taser, and he did have it on his person. He also admitted to having a knife at the school with him yesterday, and it was located in his backpack.

The student says that he brought the taser and knife to school for his own protection, as he was involved in a fight with some others the week before, and he was in fear of them.

The student is charged with a felony, carrying a weapon on school property, and will appear in court on 04/06/18.

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