Man sues Music City Psychic for $25,000 – She should have seen this coming!

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Jennifer Williams, who operates as ‘Music City Psychic’ in Nashville, is being sued for $25,000 by a client, for failing to provide a ‘professional service’ that was agreed upon.

Lonnie Schrook, of Nashville, is a client of the ‘Music City Psychic’, and says that he paid Jennifer Williams $6,000 for a 3-month “professional services” plan, which included her holding $35,000 of his cash money in a locked box for him. Here’s what the lawsuit claims:

“I paid $6,000 for professional services for a 3 month plan ending on March 31st, 2018. The plan included Mrs. Williams holding $35,000 in a lock-box until the completion of the plan. She now does not want to return the $35,000, although she has made 2 payments totaling $4,000. I have asked for the balance or a payment plan to no avail. I am willing to receive a sum of $25,000 so this will complete.”

[We should note that $25,000 is the maximum he can sue for in small claims court]. We have reached out to both Williams and Schrook for comment, but as of yet neither has responded to our inquiries.

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