Nikko Johnson jailed for involvement in Whiskey Row brawl on Broadway

21-year-old Nikko Johnson was observed fighting in front of Whiskey Row in the early hours of April 28th. Officers approached and determined his actions caused safety concerns to other pedestrians, hindering them from continuing to their destinations. Johnson was then taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Figueroa Serrano resists arrest after brawl at Whiskey Row on Broadway

21-year-old Figueroa Gabriela Serrano was one out of a group of individuals who were fighting inside Whiskey Row around 12:06 a.m. on April 28th. Staff from Whiskey Row flagged officers down, advising them of the altercation. Officers then arrived and observed several people scuffling in front of the establishment. When the police started breaking up the large group, they struggled with two of them, one being Serrano, who ran away from the scene. While escorting one of the involved individuals, he pointed out Serrano as the person he was fighting with. Officers went to detain Serrano, and he became resistive, even after numerous instructions to “Stop resisting,” causing them to take him to the ground to arrest him safely. Serrano was then taken into custody for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Robert Dellion booked after getting into fight at Whiskey Row

27-year-old Robert Dellion got into a fight at Whiskey Row in downtown Nashville in the early hours of February 11th. Officers observed this when they arrived, separated the parties, and spoke to them. Dellion was visibly intoxicated as officers remembered him from earlier that night when they told him to get a cab and go home due to his level of impairment.  Dellion was deemed unable to take care of himself and was taken into custody for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Jason Helstowski drunkenly fights security at Whiskey Row to defend his friend

39-year-old Jason Helstowski had a scuffle with security at Whiskey Row in the early hours of February 5th. When officers arrived, he was wrestling with security and had to be separated for officers to conduct interviews. Whiskey Row staff advised officers they were removing a separate male from the establishment when Helstowski interrupted and began fighting with them. Helstowski told officers he was in an altercation but wouldn’t elaborate further. However, later, Helstowski admitted to jumping in and fighting security to defend his friend, whom he thought was being attacked by them. Helstowski also admitted to being intoxicated during the incident. Helstowski was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Deutsche Bank Broker Crosby Kisler attempts to bite officer in booking, says he is “an assassin trying to kill him”

35-year-old Crosby Kisler, broker at Deutsche Bank, had an incident at Whiskey Row in the early hours of January 29th. Whiskey Row security flagged officers down regarding a male, later identified as Kisler, who had fallen on the ground. When officers arrived, they noticed Kisler had visible injuries to his forehead and nose, using the building to balance himself. Kisler showed signs of intoxication as he told officers that the Whiskey Row security personnel “ganged up on him” and assaulted him as he tried to walk away. Security spoke with officers and informed them that they turned around and saw Kisler fall over. They attempted to help him up but had no other interaction with him. Officers tried to ask Kisler where he was staying. Kisler stated he was staying at a place that was paid for with his own money and refused to give them an address. Then, officers explained to him how they would need an address due to his level of impairment, but Kisler tried to leave, stating he was going to walk home. He was deemed a danger to himself and others, so they detained him. On the way to booking, Kisler gained an Irish accent, calling officers “c*nts” and “f*ggots,” saying they do nothing to better this country. Then, once at booking, Kisler said that Officer Sprouse was an assassin who was trying to kill him. Kisler stood up repeatedly, so Sprouse had to assist him back to the bench. Kisler then kicked Sprouse in the leg twice and tried to bite him. Kisler was taken into custody for two counts of assault on an officer and public intoxication.

Peter Lovell charged with public intoxication after threatening to fight patrons at Whiskey Row

22-year-old Peter Lovell was booked early Friday morning for annoying people at Whiskey Row. Officers were flagged down by security, who stated that Lovell was threatening to fight people in the area. He was also acting aggressively toward workers at a nearby hot dog stand. Police approached Lovell and informed him that he was drunk in public and gave him the opportunity to call his wife, but the number he provided did not work. He then lied to officers, stating that he had a cab waiting for him on Broadway. He finally got into a cab but couldn’t tell the driver the address of where he was staying. He was also dropping his garbage from his hot dog all over the inside of the taxi, causing the driver to refuse him a ride. Officers noted that throughout the incident, Lovell continually asked the same question over and over again, accusing officers of never answering his question even though they had answered him several times. Officers determined Lovell was unable to take care of himself and he was arrested for public intoxication.

De’Eric Clark charged with disorderly conduct after punching off-duty police officer at Whiskey Row

29-year-old De’Eric Clark was charged with disorderly conduct after fighting with security guards at Whiskey Row this weekend. Security guards flagged officers down and stated that Clark was attempting to take bottles from the VIP area and informed him that he needed to leave. Clark continued to be resistive and swatted at the security guards’ arms while they escorted him out. When they were able to remove him from Whiskey Row successfully, he turned around and punched an off-duty police officer in the chest. Officers arrived and placed Clark into custody for disorderly conduct and were advised that the off-duty officer would prosecute for the assault.

Gabriel Kuhn bounced from Whiskey Row in downtown Nashville

28-year-old Gabriel Kuhn was asked to leave Whiskey Row on Broadway in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Sunday morning. Kuhn refused to leave, despite multiple attempts. MNPD officers arrived at the scene and noted Kuhn’s extreme level of intoxication. He was given the opportunity to contact friends to retrieve him but was unable to do so. He was then transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Jenna Russo kicks at cops after causing scene at Whiskey Row in downtown Nashville

27-year-old Jenna Russo tried to kick an officer in the backseat of the patrol vehicle, according to an arrest report. On Mar 3rd, officers were contacted by the Whiskey Row Bar. On arrival, officers observed Russo detained by security, who stated that Russo was hostile toward them, yelling, pushing, and shoving. Security asked her to leave the bar multiple times, and she refused. At one point, Russo attempted to punch one of the security guards, which is when she was detained. Russo was belligerent and smelled of alcohol, and was arrested for public intoxication. While sitting in the back of the patrol vehicle, Russo undid her seatbelt. When the officer went back to secure the seatbelt, Russo slid back and kicked at him, but didn’t make impact. After that incident, Russo continued to be belligerent and vulgar throughout booking.

Ladairron Ward swings on tourist at Whiskey Row & tackles tourist’s father

30-year-old Ladairron Ward was charged with disorderly conduct after getting into a brawl at Whiskey Row in downtown Nashville in the early hours of February 12. Police say Ward bumped into Tanner Jacobs and his father, Harry Jacobs, and then swung on Tanner. After a brief struggle, Ward then tackled the father. Officers had to separate the parties and placed Ward and Tanner under arrest for disorderly conduct.