Woman demands to be taken to jail when her boyfriend is arrested downtown — Michael Savela & Amanda Lee

Metro Nashville Police say 33-year-old Michael Savela was drunk and shirtless in downtown Nashville Saturday night near 3rd & Demonbreun when they found him after 4 separate individuals called 911 to report he was attempting to fight them and other citizens without any reason. His girlfriend, 35-year-old Amanda Lee, was also intoxicated and demanded to be taken to booking with Michael if he was being arrested, so she could wait for him to be released. In the end, she would get her wish, as she also became so unruly and uncooperative that she became a charge partner, and was arrested for public intoxication.

DUI: Man says he hit a pothole… Officers say he was drunk — Olaoluwa Faparusi arrested

Officers found 23-year-old Olaoluwa “Laolu” Faparusi inside his disabled vehicle on Woodmont Blvd when officers approached to offer assistance. Faparusi told officers he had hit a pothole and was waiting on roadside assistance. Officers noticed front and back tire damage, along with a damaged mirror that Faparusi was unable to explain.

He eventually admitted to having a Sake drink before driving and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. He is charged with DUI.

“Yes that’s my pot, I’ve been smoking for 50 years” — Ricky Cook arrested in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police found 61-year-old Ricky Lee Cook at the Johnny Cash Museum restaurant, where staff had asked him to leave after they deemed him to be a bother to staff and patrons, and he refused to do so. Police noticed he was heavily intoxicated, and took him into custody. During a search incidental to his arrest, officers located a leather satchel with a green Tupperware container inside, which contained his personal use marijuana. When asked, he confirmed it was marijuana, and stated: “I’ve been smoking pot for 50 years”. Police charged him with drug possession and public intoxication and transported him to jail. He is free on pre-trial release.