Emily Mosteller drunkenly refuses to leave Hard Rock Cafe for over 3 hours

45-year-old Emily Mosteller was found trespassing at the Hard Rock Cafe on Broadway on January 2nd. Mosteller was asked to leave multiple times after refusing to leave and pay her tab. The manager did not want to press charges for theft of services but did wish to prosecute for criminal trespassing. Mosteller was at the bar for over 3 hours. Emily Mosteller was taken into custody for criminal trespassing.

Shawn Lockhart ignores federal marshals, charged with criminal trespassing

44-year-old Shawn Lockhart was at the federal courthouse on November 8th, where federal marshals detained him for being unruly. Lockhart arrived at the courthouse seeking authorities regarding a federal case but refused to cooperate with them regarding going through the security checkpoint. Lockhart then attempted to walk through the metal detector without being searched and was restrained by marshals and put into handcuffs. When officers arrived, Lockhart also refused to cooperate with them. Lockhart was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing.

DUI: James Judge drinks Voodoo Ranger IPA while driving

35-year-old James Judge was involved in a car accident on James Robertson Parkway on November 14th. Judge had wrecked into the back of a parked vehicle, and officers located an open Voodoo Ranger IPA in his car. Officers observed Judge to be visibly intoxicated as he admitted to drinking two beers and having one while driving. James consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. He was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Mackenzie Nolan charged with public intoxication in downtown Nashville

29-year-old Mackenzie Nolan was taken into custody on October 16th for public intoxication. Officers responded to 12th Avenue S regarding an intoxicated individual. When the officers arrived, Nolan was seated at a restaurant with another person who did not know her. Officers observed Nolan to be visibly intoxicated and gave her multiple opportunities to order an Uber, but she could not because of her level of impairment. Nolan was declared a danger to herself if left alone, and was transported to booking.

Cortney Cleveland strikes man in head with metal broomstick, sending him to hospital

30-year-old Cortney Cleveland told police that hitting the victim, Jeremy Walter, in the head with a metal broomstick was “a mistake” at Smoke King on Church St. before being jailed for aggravated assault. On July 26th, MNPD responded to Church Street regarding an assault and spoke to the victim, Jeremy Walter. He said that Cortney had been “mouthing off all night” and became angry when Jeremy told him not to sit his drink next to the cash register. Jeremy said that Cortney grabbed the metal broomstick and hit him in the head. Police reported a severe laceration that required stitches in Jeremy’s head. Police spoke to Cortney, who said, “It was a mistake,” and admitted to hitting Jeremy in the head.

Jeremy Waters found foaming at the mouth in downtown Nashville

46-year-old Jeremy Waters was found in the middle of the 6th & KVB Blvd intersection, swinging his arms around and blocking traffic on the roadway. Officers made contact with Waters, who reeked of alcohol and had white foam around his mouth. Unable to care for himself and obviously using alcohol and an unknown substance, Waters was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Tracy Wright charged with DUI after East Nashville Crash Sunday afternoon

49-year-old Tracy Wright crashed her vehicle into another vehicle on Woodland Street near South 1st Street Sunday afternoon. Officers observed multiple open beer cans on the floor of the vehicle, in addition to several unopened cans. She was visibly intoxicated and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. She refused all other testing and was transported to booking and charged with DUI.

DUI: Heather Mcdevitt-Barton blows triple the legal limit on breathalyzer after crash

37-year-old Heather Mcdevitt-Barton fell asleep while driving on Commerce Street Wednesday night. Police say she then abruptly woke up, drove another block, and rear-ended another vehicle, leaving that driver with an injury to the leg. She denied using alcohol or drugs, yet was visibly intoxicated. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests. An inventory search of her vehicle found two empty and one half-filled can of hard lemonade. She blew a 0.275% BAC on a breathalyzer, more than three times the legal limit.

David Ketelsen jumps on stage at the Ryman

30-year-old David Ketelsen was attending a performance at the Ryman Auditorium Thursday night when police say he jumped up on the stage mid-performance. Venue security tackled and restrained him until police arrived. He was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct.

Marine rips off shirt & threatens others in downtown Nashville — Jacob Thibodeau

Metro Nashville Police working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville Saturday responded to a fight call at the JW Marriott on 8th Ave S. and found 33-year-old Jacob Thibodeau, who they described as “very belligerent and verbally aggressive” to officers and staff. Thibodeau ripped off his shirt and yelled, “I am a Marine Corps Veteran!…” during the kerfuffle, followed by “he needs his f***** a** kicked!…” in response to a citizen whose vehicle was damaged in a separate incident at the same location. The staff also showed police a video of Thibodeau starting a fight with another individual prior to their arrival. He was warned to stop yelling, screaming, and making threats but was not hearing any of the suggestions and remained disorderly. Officers eventually arrested him and transported him to booking.