Marvaughn McClerkin crashes into police cars while fleeing in stolen vehicle

24-year-old Marvaughn McClerkin parked a stolen grey Infiniti Q50 at Commerce Union Bank Building late February 20th. NCIC notified detectives that the Q50 was reported stolen by Cody Sumner on October 6th, so they approached the car and attempted to do a tactical vehicle takedown, but McClerkin fled the scene after ramming into the police cars. MNPD aviation followed the Infiniti to the West End and Louise Avenue area, where they saw the driver, McClerkin, and his unidentified passenger flee on foot. McClerkin was arrested around 25th Avenue South and Kensington Place before being placed into custody for two counts of evading arrest, theft of property, driving with a revoked license, and three counts of aggravated assault.

Raquel Harden caught driving stolen Toyota Camry near Marathon Gas Station

31-year-old Raquel Harden was jailed on February 16th after police observed her driving a stolen Toyota Camry near the Marathon Gas Station on Trinity Lane. When officers ran the plates, they learned the vehicle had been reported stolen out of Memphis, TN, by Catherine Reese. Officers observed as the vehicle traveled to the apartments on Whites Creek Pike, where they conducted a takedown. Via a search using Harden’s TN ID, officers learned that Harden had an active felony warrant in Davidson County. Officers also learned Harden also did not have a valid driver’s license. Harden was taken into custody for theft of property, vehicle theft, and driving without a license on February 16th.

Devion Sanford caught parking stolen Range Rover behind abandoned property

20-year-old Devion Wendell Devonte Sanford had possession of Burton Verner’s black Range Rover on Welworth Street in the early hours of February 8th. Officers were dispatched regarding a suspicious vehicle parked in the backyard of an abandoned property. The front door had no trespassing signs from the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office. Sanford exited the Range Rover and walked away when the officers arrived. The tag showed that the vehicle was reported stolen out of Brentwood. Sanford was detained, and the keys to the car were found on his person. He admitted to knowing it was stolen but insisted that he did not steal it. Sanford was taken into custody for theft of property.

19-year-old Tristan Williams jailed on multiple charges including vehicle theft, domestic assault, and evading arrest

19-year-old Tristan Williams had a domestic altercation with Natasha Lynette Simmons-Crutcher and her juvenile daughter at Revels Drive on December 11th. Her daughter stated that Williams came to her house, trying to fight her brother in the front yard, regarding an earlier incident at Wal-Mart. She stepped outside, told him to leave, and had to get in between him and her mom, who told him that he was not going to fight her son and to leave. Williams was coming at them aggressively, putting them in fear.

Then, in an unrelated incident, on December 20th, Williams was driving a white Hyundai Elantra that was seen in multiple vehicle break-ins on Oakwell Farms Lane. Andrew Smith reported that the vehicle was stolen. Officers observed the Elantra-at-large traveling down Donelson Pike, initiated a traffic stop, and pursued it until it stopped at the MDHA housing between S. 7th Street and S. 6th Street. Willams and a co-defendant exited the vehicle and fled, causing officers to chase them. Officers ran in front of the building and saw Williams on the steps without the hoodie he originally had on. They later found the hoodie by Building 19 that he threw away as he walked toward South 7th Street. They reviewed MDHA camera footage, which confirmed that Willams was the driver and was running away from the vehicle. He was Mirandized and admitted to knowing the car was stolen. A subsequent search of the vehicle yielded a window-breaking device on the floorboard and a Taurus Handgun that was reported stolen by Jameson Calloway regarding a burglary on October 15th. Williams had three outstanding warrants in Davidson County and one in Rutherford County. He was taken into custody for evading arrest, theft of a firearm, vehicle theft, possession of burglary tools, assault, trespassing, and domestic assault.

19-year-old Gerald Saint-Pierre jailed for multiple Airbnb burglaries

19-year-old Gerald Saint-Pierre was jailed on Saturday for being involved in a string of Airbnb burglaries. The first reported burglary involved four men wearing black hoodies that broke into a white Ford Fusion with Georgia tags. Officers reviewed Ring camera footage showing the suspects leaving in the vehicle. Later, that same Ford Fusion with the same suspects was seen breaking into a home on Martin Street. They stole two purses from that location. Officers later discovered the vehicle with the same suspects driving near Wedgewood and 12th Avenue and attempted to pull them over. The driver refused to stop, and officers began chasing the car. The officers decided to terminate the pursuit due to the speed being a safety concern near the River Gate area. Officers located the stolen Ford Fusion that was abandoned near Gallatin Pike. As officers were waiting to process the vehicle, they were flagged down by security, who notified them that there were multiple juveniles wearing dark hoodies who were running. Officers chased the juveniles on foot. When officers caught up with them, they were identified as the four outstanding males linked to the stolen vehicle. They were all taken into custody for interviews and then to the detention center.

Danny Sherrell smashes windows of multiple vehicles, steals Hyundai Sonata

18-year-old Danny Sherrell was taken into custody on November 7th for burglaries that occurred at Summerfield Place Apartments and Piccadilly Apartments on October 1. Xavier Henderson and James Oglesby advised officers that the windows of their vehicles were broken out and provided footage showing Sherrell and another suspect arriving in a silver sedan with a rear driver’s side door broken out at Summer Place Apartments and were pulling on car door handles.

Later that day, Andrew Weiss reported that his black Hyundai Sonata was stolen from Piccadilly Apartments. Officers recovered Weiss’s car at a home on Precious Drive, and the resident provided surveillance showing Sherrell parking the car and walking away. Deputies were notified that Sherrell and his accomplice were staying at Elm Hill Pike behind an apartment building and were given footage revealing them wearing the same clothes as the suspects. Sherell was identified with assistance from an MNPD SRO at McGavock High School and was charged with theft of property and two counts of burglarizing a vehicle.

Taylor Euarl steals vehicle, flees from police with juvenile & others

19-year-old Taylor Euarl and her friends bailed out of a car and hopped a fence straight into custody. Early July 31st, MNPD officers arrived at Knolls Place and saw a white Hyundai with multiple people make a U-turn. Police began pursuing the vehicle then they saw several people bail out of the car and run. The vehicle was left running, and the police reported that the ignition box and the rear right window were broken. The owners of the vehicle were contacted by police who stated that the car was stolen. Police found Taylor and two other individuals behind a business on Old Hickory Blvd. When Taylor and the others noticed the police, they ran, refusing orders to halt. A chase ensued, and police caught Taylor and placed her in custody. One of the other individuals that ran was 16 years of age. Taylor was searched, and police found 3.5 grams of marijuana on her. She admitted to police that the marijuana was hers and that she was the one that stole the vehicle.

Street Racer Jose Sandoval stopped to steal some cars on the way to his car meet in Nashville

After substantial police activity over the past couple of weeks, the two primary car groups currently holding meets and takeovers decided to lay low Friday night and not host any meets. Both Night Riders & Valhalla clubs were adamant in the group chats used by racers and spectators that ‘Jose’ was the only person hosting a meet Friday night, and he was doing that independently. But before he came to the meet that night, 20-year-old Jose Sandoval had an important stop to make, and some members of the telegram chat already knew about the stolen cars and how they were taken.

Police say they responded to a burglary-in-progress call on Charlotte Pike and, upon arrival, heard someone attempting to break into the business. One of the suspects became aware of the presence of police and fled out the back fence and into a black Dodge Challenger. The vehicle fled at a high rate of speed and successfully evaded officers. A short time later, the vehicle returned to the area, and police successfully deployed spike strips. Sandoval turned down a dead-end street and then swerved toward police vehicles in an attempt to escape. He eventually stopped the vehicle, which was stolen, on Briley Parkway and gave himself up.

During an extensive interview, Sandoval admitted to “being a lookout” for another suspect who he says was breaking into the business. A search of Sandoval’s vehicle, which was also stolen, yielded several high-end car keys/fobs, a programmer for car key fobs (used for stealing them), and a located pistol. [images in full story]

Elijah Foster flees from police after stealing a Dodge Challenger

18-year-old Elijah Foster was jailed this week for fleeing from the police after stealing an orange Dodge Challenger. The owner of the vehicle was able to track it and informed police of its whereabouts. When police located the vehicle, Foster exited the driver’s seat and fled on foot into a tree line. K9 officers arrived and placed Foster into custody. The stolen vehicle was valued at $26,000.

Freshly faded felon Billie Pace flees from Police in stolen truck

32-year-old Billie Pace was the driver of a vehicle parked at the HomeTowne Studios on Murfreesboro Pike Tuesday. Officers were in the area and ran the tag, which came back as stolen during a robbery. As officers attempted a felony stop at gunpoint, Pace put the vehicle in reverse and fled from the parking spot. Spike strips were deployed at the entrance/exit to the extended-stay complex but did not immediately stop the vehicle. The rubber eventually separated from the rim of a front tire near Kipling & Connelly Drive, and Pace gave up the chase, unable to control the vehicle. A search revealed a syringe and a glass crack pipe, and Pace refused to be interviewed. In addition to the pending charges for the original robbery/kidnapping, he was charged with auto theft, drug paraphernalia, evading arrest, and driving on a suspended license.