Nadia Dixon jailed after burglarizing multiple cars at Centennial Hospital

Late Wednesday night, officers were called to Centennial Hospital because someone was seen “casing” vehicles around the property’s parking lots and moving toward the parking garage. It’s alleged that 18-year-old Nadia Dixon was found by security guards and officers inside Alyssa Wilson’s vehicle. The rear passenger side window was broken, and the steering column was removed. When questioned, Dixon stated she said it was her friend’s vehicle and she had lost the keys, but she did not know the victim’s name. 

A little later, police were notified by another hospital employee that they had found a cell phone that wasn’t theirs inside of their vehicle. Police state this indicates the defendant was in multiple cars in the garage, with a hammer allegedly being found with the defendant. Due to being placed in multiple vehicles in the garage, Dixon was arrested and booked the same day.

Robert Turner found with tools & window smasher near burglared vehicles

18-year-old Robert Turner was found under a porch, hiding, with burglary tools on his person in an area with stolen car reports. MNPD officers were dispatched to 7th Ave on July 31st around 4 am regarding vehicles being burgled. After seeing a car that suggested that it had been burgled, police contacted DCS to track Robert’s ankle monitor in the area. Police flashed their blue lights when they reached the residence they tracked Robert to and saw several individuals flee the house. They found Robert hiding under a porch on 6th Ave and Garfield with burglary tools and a window smasher in his possession. Two of the vehicle’s owners were contacted and said that they wished to prosecute.

Homeless “ninja” arrested in Goodlettsville attempting to break into vehicle — Christopher Brimm

A Goodlettsville resident called police to report a person “dressed like a ninja” was attempting to break into his work vehicle. Officers quickly located 20-year-old Christopher Brimm nearby. Police say he was easily identifiable, as he was wearing all black clothing with a balaclava covering his head and face, gloves, and carrying a duffle bag with a headlamp style flashlight and large knives and a machete. Brimm stated he was homeless and sometimes “explored” homes he believed to be abandoned. He was charged with attempted auto burglary and possession of burglary tools after his bag contained various tools including picking tools, a Dremel, and pliers. A commissioner set his bond at $2,000.

Couple jailed on over $100k bonds after police find them with a stolen vehicle

40-year-old Chassity Thorton and 29-year-old Juan Parra were both charged with burglary and theft. Thorton was also charged with contraband in a penal institution and Parra with possession of burglary tools and evading arrest when they were caught with a stolen car and forcing entry into a home.

Fugitive teen found with stolen motorcycle; lies to cops about who he is

19-year-old Quentin Harris was charged with aggravated burglary, conditions of release violation, theft, possession of marijuana, possession of burglary tools, and criminal impersonation after he was caught with a stolen motorcycle.

Man claims boss instructed him to rob store

18-year-old David Saravia was charged with burglary and possession of burglary tools when security at Cricket Wireless caught him attempting to crack a safe.