Nadia Dixon jailed after burglarizing multiple cars at Centennial Hospital

Late Wednesday night, officers were called to Centennial Hospital because someone was seen “casing” vehicles around the property’s parking lots and moving toward the parking garage. It’s alleged that 18-year-old Nadia Dixon was found by security guards and officers inside Alyssa Wilson’s vehicle. The rear passenger side window was broken, and the steering column was removed. When questioned, Dixon stated she said it was her friend’s vehicle and she had lost the keys, but she did not know the victim’s name. 

A little later, police were notified by another hospital employee that they had found a cell phone that wasn’t theirs inside of their vehicle. Police state this indicates the defendant was in multiple cars in the garage, with a hammer allegedly being found with the defendant. Due to being placed in multiple vehicles in the garage, Dixon was arrested and booked the same day.