Denecia Drennon beats boyfriend with golf club during altercation

22-year-old Denecia Drennon had an altercation with her boyfriend, Tommy Boulton, at their 12th Avenue North residence around 11:45 p.m. on May 18th. Boulton told responding officers that Drennon had hit him multiple times with a golf club and threatened to stab him with the broken handle before leaving. Officers noticed he sustained visible injuries, and he advised them that he did not want to press charges for the attack. On his behalf, they obtained a warrant for her arrest. Drennon was taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on June 6th.

Glen Nolan pushes wife out of moving car

37-year-old Glen Louis Nolan had a domestic incident with his wife, Jessica Nolan while returning home to their Dry Creek Road residence on March 31st. Mrs. Nolan spoke to the police when they arrived, advising them that her husband had punched her multiple times in the face and pushed her out of his vehicle while it was going about five mph. Mrs. Nolan did not wish to prosecute him for the incident, but officers did so on her behalf due to her statement and visible injuries. Nolan was then taken into custody for reckless endangerment and domestic assault.

Chaz Matthews assaults his mother during altercation

22-year-old Chaz Matthews had a domestic incident with his mother, Shatica Sharie Matthews, at their residence in the later hours of January 27th. Shatica told officers that her son pushed her in the chest, sparking a physical altercation where she hit him back to defend herself. A witness to the altercation advised that Chaz initiated the scuffle, hitting his mother first. Due to their statements, officers obtained a warrant for his arrest, and he was taken into custody for domestic assault on February 1st.

Rachel Badgley assaults boyfriend; kicks him out of the car and makes him walk home

Officers were called to a 3rd Avenue North apartment on October 10 for a domestic disturbance, where they found 26-year-old Rachel Badgley and her boyfriend, Edwin Villalta. The victim states that his girlfriend initiated a physical altercation while they were in her car in Antioch before she made him get out and walk home to their apartment, roughly 10 miles away. Despite the suspect stating that the victim choked her, officers noticed visible injuries only on the victim. Due to the injuries to the victim’s neck and no evidence to the contrary, Badgley was taken into custody the same day for domestic assault.

Robert Turner found with tools & window smasher near burglared vehicles

18-year-old Robert Turner was found under a porch, hiding, with burglary tools on his person in an area with stolen car reports. MNPD officers were dispatched to 7th Ave on July 31st around 4 am regarding vehicles being burgled. After seeing a car that suggested that it had been burgled, police contacted DCS to track Robert’s ankle monitor in the area. Police flashed their blue lights when they reached the residence they tracked Robert to and saw several individuals flee the house. They found Robert hiding under a porch on 6th Ave and Garfield with burglary tools and a window smasher in his possession. Two of the vehicle’s owners were contacted and said that they wished to prosecute.

Robert Stone charged with slamming girlfriend’s head into kitchen table

33-year-old Robert Stone woke his girlfriend, the victim, Ashley Smallman, up and slammed her head into a kitchen table, per a police report. On July 23rd, MNPD officers were dispatched to 3rd Ave. for a domestic disturbance when they spoke to the victim, Ashley. She told the police that Robert woke her in bed and slammed her head into a kitchen table. Police noted a cut on her ear as well as other visible injuries on Ashley. When police spoke to Robert, he said that Ashley woke up and began attacking him. Police observed bruises on Robert’s arm but deemed him the primary aggressor due to the severity of the injuries on Ashley.

Blair Butler bounced from Mother’s Ruin after fighting security

27-year-old Blair Butler was the subject of a fight-in-progress call at Mother’s Ruin in downtown Nashville Saturday night. Responding officers observed her struggling with security while kicking and screaming, causing a disruption to everyone in the area. She was visibly intoxicated and reeked of alcohol. She was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

DUI: Nikayla Gooch had “two beers” at Jazzy’s before driving

31-year-old Nikayla Gooch was jailed on April 29th after speeding past police while honking her horn on Matthews Road just after 2 a.m. She was pulled over and smelled strongly of alcohol. She told police he had two beers at Jazzy’s on Hampton Street. Gooch agreed to sobriety tests but performed poorly, and she initially agreed to a breath test but refused once at booking.

Richard McGlone charged after assault girlfriend with suitcase at Nashville hotel

60-year-old Richard McGlone reportedly attacked his girlfriend, Diana Marie Buono, with a suitcase during an argument at the TownePlace Suites in Nashville. He threw the suitcase and assorted clothing at her after an argument about their relationship. Officers documented injuries on the victim, and once in custody, Mcglone told the victim he would “kill her for this.”

Pearl Newbill assaults the father of her child; refuses to leave his apartment

Deshaun Clarke says he invited the mother of his child, 26-year-old Pearl Newbill, to his apartment to spend time together on February 10. After a period of time, he requested that she leave, and she refused, resulting in an argument between the two. Newbill reportedly became violent and shoved the victim. Clarke contacted his mother to come to the residence, at which time Clarke reportedly “calmed down.”