Felisha Whitefield steals from Walmart, flees hospital after using fentanyl

22-year-old Felisha Whitfield stole merchandise from the Nolensville Pike Walmart around 2:04 p.m. on June 6th. Officers were advised that she attempted to fight with security, so they detained her until they arrived. When they arrived, medics assessed Whitefield after stating she had used fentanyl and nearly passed out several times during their interaction. Then, officers asked Whitefield for her name, and she gave them her mother’s name, “Melissa Cole,” stating, “I have my kids outside in my car in the parking lot.” After officers could not find her kids, they asked her, “Where are your kids?” Whitefield replied, “With my mom,” and gave them the address of their Bell Road apartment. When officers visited the unit, they spoke with her mother, Cole, who stated, “She always gives my name when she gets in trouble.” Then, medics transported Whitefield to Southern Hills Hospital for medical clearance. Officers later discovered she had two outstanding warrants, one from Nashville and the other from Williamson County.

Then, on June 9th, when Whitefield was getting discharged, she tried to run away from the hospital until security stopped her at the door and escorted her to her bed. Afterward, she ran into the parking lot and hid inside a random unlocked vehicle. Officers then located and detained her, during which she began resisting arrest. Whitefield was taken into custody for vehicle burglary, resisting arrest, escape from a penal institution, identity theft, and theft.

Woman faces drug paraphernalia charge after traffic accident — Emily Goforth arrested

Police say 27-year-old Emily Goforth hit the vehicle in front of her while driving Monday night. When police responded to the accident, they discovered she had an outstanding warrant for a probation violation, and during the search for that arrest, police found what they believe to be a crack pipe with white residue on it. She is free on a $1,500 bond.

Couple jailed on over $100k bonds after police find them with a stolen vehicle

40-year-old Chassity Thorton and 29-year-old Juan Parra were both charged with burglary and theft. Thorton was also charged with contraband in a penal institution and Parra with possession of burglary tools and evading arrest when they were caught with a stolen car and forcing entry into a home.

Police Chase: Nashville rapper ‘Ladonn’ calls 911 tells cops to follow him to probation office, “deal with it there”

Vivid Musi Group artist ‘Ladonn’, legally Bryan Ladonn Covington, led middle Tennessee police in a car pursuit last Friday, during which he called 911 and stated: “I’m not stopping or pulling over until I get to the probation office and we can deal with it there”. Police eventually stopped him, and he rolled up his window on the arm of the officer attempting to extricate him from his vehicle.

Man wanted on 6 felony probation violations arrested at gas pump

30-year old Landon Pharris (whose parents were once arrested for hiring a full-on stripper named ‘Sassy’ at his 16th birthday party for he and his underage friends) was arrested on 6 felony probation violation warrants Monday afternoon while standing by a gas pump.

Woman arrested for hiding fugitive Dylan ‘Boogie’ Wilson under bathroom sink

Earlier this week, Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove published posts on social media about 21-year-old Dylan ‘Boogie’ Wilson, who he says is a ‘known heroin user and suspected dealer’, advising citizens and other agencies to be on the lookout for him, as he has outstanding felony warrants for his arrest. Late Wednesday, Dylan Wilson was taken into custody, but not before Misty Lepley tried to hide him underneath a bathroom sink.

“I guess that’s what I get for lying” says woman charged with felony for lying to MNPD

Metro Police say Stacey Lee Oglesbee has a history of lying to them about her sister being in her house with outstanding warrants, and on Wednesday they charged her with a felony count of false report / obstruction.

Inmate ‘squat & cough’ results in ‘little pink baggie’ of Fentanyl, pepper spray to anus.

Kenneth Johnson has been in a Davidson County Jail since July of 2017, yet on Friday night he was found with Fentanyl and tobacco in what many call his ‘prison pocket’.

Man found unresponsive with 4 kids in car, facing wrong direction in middle of traffic

Metro police found 28-year-old Justin Tosh unresponsive behind the wheel of his vehicle Friday afternoon. He was facing the wrong direction in the middle of traffic with 4 children in the vehicle, all under the age of 10. The front seat passenger of the vehicle told officers the two had been smoking “synthetic marijuana” before the incident.