#BoosterClub: Man made his own magnet to steal PlayStation games

Joshua Whorley told police he stole because he “needed the money”, but he also needed a custom magnet to unlock the shelf holding the PlayStation games – so he made one, and brought with him to Walmart Wednesday, where he was arrested, and his case was completed less than 24-hours later. Jazzaine McKinnie is one of Walmart’s best loss prevention folks, and though may not have heard her name specifically, we’ve covered a lot of her shoplifter apprehensions over the years. Jazz was working at the 3458 Dickerson Pike store…

Woman arrested for hiding fugitive Dylan ‘Boogie’ Wilson under bathroom sink

Earlier this week, Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove published posts on social media about 21-year-old Dylan ‘Boogie’ Wilson, who he says is a ‘known heroin user and suspected dealer’, advising citizens and other agencies to be on the lookout for him, as he has outstanding felony warrants for his arrest. Late Wednesday, Dylan Wilson was taken into custody, but not before Misty Lepley tried to hide him underneath a bathroom sink.

Mother sentenced to 18 months probation for beating child who stole candy & chips from store

After spending 5 days and 19 hours in jail, unable to post her $5,000 bond and ineligible for pre-trial release, Jenita Jones took a plea deal, for which she will serve 18 months on probation in Nashville. As part of the deal, she plead guilty to domestic assault with injury, and the child abuse charge was dismissed.

Mother charged with child abuse after beating 15-year-old who stole candy bar from store

Jenita Jones, 39, remains in a Nashville jail this morning in lieu of a $5,000 bond. She is charged with child abuse and domestic assault, after police say she punched her 15-year-old daughter with her fists, and then hit her in the face with a belt, as punishment for stealing a candy bar and a bag of chips from a store.

Former Miss Fisk Shalimar Leggett Gates Arrested – Stealing From Wal-Mart

Shalimar Leggett Gates was once a Miss Fisk, and until very recently a kindergarten teacher with MNPS. Now she’s out on pretrial for a theft charge, for stealing from Walmart with Steven Gates. According to a police report, on 01/28/18, officers were dispatched to the Dickerson Pk Wal-Mart on the report of two subjects that were shoplifting, and currently in custody of the store’s loss prevention office. Upon reviewing the security footage, Shalimar Leggett Gates & Steven Gates were in the self checkout line inside Walmart. Shalimar can be seen…

DUI Arrest: Codi Smith Says She Was Never Driving & Arresting Officer is Her Uber Driver!

Arrested, and in the back of a police car, Codi Smith insists she “was never driving” and the police officer is her Uber driver. We’ve all seen the meme, of a person in the back of a cop car wondering why their Uber driver is so mean like the one below, and now it’s come true – right here in East Nashville, on Dickerson Pike. Believe it, or not, this is exactly what happened when Codi Smith was arrested for DUI and Implied Consent Charges on Tuesday in Nashville on…

Dear Austin Bowden, You Suck At Being a Drug Dealer, Please Stop Trying | ARRESTED AGAIN

Jeremy ‘Austin’ Bowden, 20, was arrested again this week for attempting to be a drug dealer while ripping off a client, a career goal that he has consistently failed at. From Selling Baking Powder as cocaine (fail), thinking cops can’t see him if he watches from the parking lot next door (fail), stealing packages from doorsteps (fail), and just when he was arrested for it all and got out on bond, he was charged for all those things again on more counts (fail). And that’s just the past 2 months. This week,…