Shoplifter who stole $5,085 from Target tells police 2 strangers forced her to do it

Jamie Adair, 22, is facing a felony theft charge after she was caught on video filling bags with merchandise from target, taking them to her car without paying, then going back inside the store to do it all again. Adair then reportedly told police two strangers that she didn’t know forced her to shoplift.

Booster: 4th theft case. No convictions, despite video of thefts. Meet Candice Collins.

Candice Collins, 35, was arrested again on Wednesday, this time charged with a December shoplifting incident, during which police say her and co-defendant Justin Messick were captured on video stealing merchandise. She continues to avoid consequences, and keep her charges expungeable, despite multiple arrests with video evidence, and continued violations of her never-ending probation.

Shoplifter punches store security in face, tells MNPD “I should have knocked his ass out”

Myleisha Bennett, 18, is currently held in lieu of a $13,500 bond, after police say she a punched store security guard in the face, then told police “I should have knocked his ass out.” She then attempted to sneak pepper spray into jail with her.

2nd charged under Organized Retail Crime Act; Hit Target Stores 8 times in 10 days

Brooke Kelley, 27, who was wanted as the other half of a Target theft duo, has now been taken into custody and charged in Nashville under the Organized Retail Crime Act. The pair sold the stolen DVDs to McKay’s in Nashville.

Shoplifting couple arrested after man stuffs Louis Vuitton bag down front of sweat pants

Heather Jared, 45, and Greg Jared, 42, have both been charged with attempted theft after they were caught shoplifting at Dillard’s in Rivergate. Greg was caught with a $1365 Louis Vuitton bag stuffed down the front of his sweatpants.

Macy’s theft ring arrested. More Nashville #Boosterclub arrests on the way

On Wednesday, the third member that police say is responsible for a series of thefts from Macy’s department stores in Nashville was arrested. Zanisha Jenkins, who goes by ‘NishaPooh’ online was arrested and charged with two felony counts of theft. Her charge partners are Juwan Williams (Jade Caruthers) and Laronda Booker. The Macy’s players: Zanisha Jenkins (fb) (IG) Juwan Williams (fb) (IG) (IG) (SC) Laronda Booker (fb) (IG) There are several other players from the #BoosterClub with charges pending for other retail thefts throughout Nashville. These are just the three…

LaRonda ‘BooThang’ Booker #Arrested, New Charges for Jade Caruthers (Juwan Williams)

After Jade Caruthers (Juwan Williams) was arrested Friday, police have been busy picking up others associated her/his previous boosts, as there is a long line of individuals that have been identified committing the thefts with Juwan Williams over the past few months. LaRonda ‘BooThang’ Booker, 19, was arrested just before 2AM Tuesday morning, for her role in two thefts she committed with Juwan Williams.  Williams was also served with 2 extra theft charges related to the two incidents, as he was already in custody with multiple out of county holds…