Master Booster Sade Harris jailed; caught shoplifting in 4K at Green Hills Mall

35-year-old Sade Deshay Harris was seen stealing merchandise from the Sephora inside The Mall at Green Hills on May 17th. Surveillance footage showed Harris concealing $318 worth of items into a bag and then leaving without paying. After officers compared her past booking photos with the footage, she was identified, and a warrant was obtained for her arrest on May 28th. Sade Harris was taken into custody for theft on June 25th.

Faith Wilder says she stole from Carter’s for her kid’s Christmas & apologizes to police

28-year-old Faith Wilder stole from Carter’s in Opry Mills Mall on November 24th. Officers were flagged down by Aleko Szellan, the manager at Carter’s, and advised about the incident. They observed Wilder in a store nearby, matching the description provided, and detained her. She told them, “I’m sorry,” while admitting to stealing the items for her children for Christmas. Officers noticed a prior theft she was convicted of and cited her. She was booked on the theft citation on December 19th.

Tylar Lester pushes out $482 worth of merchandise at West Nashville Walmart

18-year-old Tylar Lester was issued a citation on September 28th after she was caught stealing from the Walmart on Charlotte Pike. Loss prevention officers advised that Lester walked into the store, grabbed items off the shelf, and walked out the door without paying for them. She was taken into custody, and $482.57 worth of merchandise was recovered. She was booked on the citation this week.

Elexus Reed charged with shoplifting at Carter’s inside Opry Mills Mall #BoosterClub

26-year-old Elexus Reed attempted to leave the Carter’s store in Opry Mills Mall with over $200 in merchandise. Police spoke to an employee of Carter’s who said she watched Elexus conceal approximately $216.32 worth of Carter’s merchandise and leave the store on June 29th. The employee stated that she wished to prosecute. Elexus was booked on the citation on August 7th.

Jada Lucas booked after stealing costumes from the Spirit Halloween store

19-year-old Jada Lucas was booked this week on a citation from Oct 2022 after stealing from The Spirit Halloween store at Opry Mills Mall. Police spoke with the store manager Rebekah Westerlund who said she saw Lucas take two costumes from their packaging and hide them in her handbag. Lucas then left the store without paying. When the store manager confronted Lucas about the items, she removed them from her bag.

Texas Tourist Anea Simon boosts $89 shirt from Dillard’s at Rivergate Mall

36-year-old Anea Simon was jailed on April 15th for stealing a shirt from Dillard’s at Rivergate Mall. Police responded, and Dillard’s management removed merchandise from her purse that they saw her steal on camera. She was given a Notice of Trespass, and police watched the video evidence of her stealing a shirt that was valued at $89. Simon does not qualify for a citation as she is an out-of-state resident.

Jaime Rodriguez charged in Psycho Bunny shoplifting at Rivergate Mall

Security says 28-year-old Jaime Rodriguez was caught shoplifting at the Rivergate Mall on November 26th. He was observed taking a “Psycho Bunny” shirt from the men’s department of Dillard’s and rolling it up in his left hand. He then went to the home department and grabbed an empty bag, placing the shirt inside. He was then apprehended and taken to the back office, where the Psycho Bunny shirt was recovered, along with a grey Armani t-shirt. Both items were valued at $145 in total.

Lisa Disney charged with shoplifting from Macy’s at Green Hills Mall

Police say 42-year-old Lisa Disney of Cleveland, TN, went to Macy’s at Green Hills Mall and was captured on video concealing merchandise on her person and walking past all points of sale. Store security detained her as she was exiting the building and recovered the merchandise.

Booster Club Arrest: Janiyah Buchanan busted

19-year-old Janiyah Buchanan was one of several young women caught concealing items in their personal bags from the Forever 21 store inside Opry Mills Mall on Saturday. In total, the group took approximately $700 in merchandise, which police were able to confirm via the store’s security video, which they watched while Mall Security detained some of the suspects in the parking lot. Buchanan did not qualify for a citation as she had an outstanding warrant from a May theft where she, along with other co-defendants, took over $500 in merchandise from the Burlington Coat Factory in Madison.

Regan Brea Guffey charged with shoplifting from Dillard’s at Rivergate Mall

While currently going through hearings and motions on an open case for felony indictments charging her with theft, identify theft, and credit card fraud, police say 25-year-old Regan Guffey found time in June to shoplift from Dillard’s in Rivergate. She was booked on a new outstanding citation this week which details her entering a dressing room at the mall store with multiple items from the sales floor and concealing the items on her person and attempting to exit the building. During a search, $432.43 in merchandise was recovered.