Booster Ana Garcia caught stealing over $170 of merchandise from Walmart

34-year-old Ana Gabriela Garcia stole from the Charlotte Pike Walmart on the afternoon of January 24th. A loss prevention employee observed this, and they advised officers that Garcia entered the store, selected items, and carried them out of the door without paying. The $172.49 stolen merchandise was recovered, and Garcia was cited for the incident. Garcia was taken into custody for theft on February 12th.  

Tylar Lester pushes out $482 worth of merchandise at West Nashville Walmart

18-year-old Tylar Lester was issued a citation on September 28th after she was caught stealing from the Walmart on Charlotte Pike. Loss prevention officers advised that Lester walked into the store, grabbed items off the shelf, and walked out the door without paying for them. She was taken into custody, and $482.57 worth of merchandise was recovered. She was booked on the citation this week.

Porch Pirate William Cano busted in $50 coffee theft

Police say 34-year-old William Cano backed his vehicle up to the front porch of a residence on Davidson Drive in June and stole a box that had just been delivered. The box contained $50 worth of coffee. The incident was captured on video, and Cano admitted to the theft. He was issued a state citation, which he was booked on this week.

Target Employee Mohamed Shehadah charged in thefts from cash drawer

18-year-old Mohamed Shehadah was charged with theft for crimes committed starting on Jan 1st at Target. Shehadah was employed as a cashier at Target on Charlotte Pike and was caught on camera removing $849 from his cash drawer and placing it into his pocket. Police say he was caught again on Jan 14th, stealing $471, and on Feb 11th, taking $400, totaling $17,20.

Underage drinker Layne Hein charged after being disorderly in downtown Nashville

20-year-old Layne Wyatt Hein was in front of The Stage on Broadway in the early hours of Sunday morning, being disorderly with other citizens and patrons of the bar. Police say when they approached Hein, he smelled strongly of alcohol, despite being only twenty years old. He was unable to care for himself and was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Woman crashes car on Hwy 70; police find marijuana and alprazolam

27-year-old Raven Lockridge was charged with driving under the influence, driving while license revoked, possession of marijuana, and possession of a controlled substance after she told paramedics she used marijuana before she wrecked her car.

Intoxicated woman calls police and forces them to arrest her

36-year-old Leah McKnight was charged with public intoxication after she was found standing outside her apartment in the rain with soaked socks and no shoes because she and her roommate had a disagreement.