Zuleyma Marrero-Rodriguez assaults boyfriend during argument over truck keys

27-year-old Zuleyma Marrero-Rodriguez was involved in a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Raul Varela-Soto, at The Still I & II apartment complex on June 18th. When officers arrived, they found Rodriguez and Soto standing outside their apartment. Officers observed Rodriguez crying and that she had sustained visible cuts on her fingers and face. Officers spoke with Rodriguez, who explained that she and Soto argued over the keys to their truck. When Soto refused to give her the keys, she struck him on his arm and leg. Rodriguez told officers that Soto struck her back in the face after she hit him. Officers later spoke with Soto, who said he and Rodriguez argued over the keys, but nothing physical happened. When officers asked about the bruise on his arm and the mark on his face, Soto stated that he bumped into a door on the way out of his apartment. When officers asked Soto how Rodriguez sustained a cut on her finger, he claimed that Rodriguez had been throwing things in the apartment. Based on the injuries observed and the statements made by both parties, officers determined Rodriguez to be the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody for domestic assault.

David Pickett drives into oncoming traffic while fleeing from traffic stop

28-year-old David Jaye Pickett sped in his blue Dodge Charger, going around 70 mph on Clarksville Pike near Buena Vista Pike late April 13th. Officers observed this and tried initiating a traffic stop near Dr. D.B. Todd Jr. Boulevard, where he slowed down and turned on his hazards but never pulled over. Pickett then drove into oncoming traffic, nearly causing a head-on collision, and sped away. Air 1 was above and captured the incident before following him until he parked at a 22nd Avenue North residence, where officers identified him and discovered he had a canceled driver’s license. Pickett was taken into custody for reckless driving, driving on a canceled driver’s license, and evading arrest.

Porch Pirate William Cano busted in $50 coffee theft

Police say 34-year-old William Cano backed his vehicle up to the front porch of a residence on Davidson Drive in June and stole a box that had just been delivered. The box contained $50 worth of coffee. The incident was captured on video, and Cano admitted to the theft. He was issued a state citation, which he was booked on this week.

DUI: Woman found asleep behind wheel of running vehicle in East Nashville — Chelsea Brown

31-year-old Chelsea Brown was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail early Sunday morning, after police located her asleep behind the wheel of her vehicle, which was running and in ‘drive’, in East Nashville. When asked for her license, she presented a while ‘Simplicity’ credit card, and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. Brown was transported to booking and charged with DUI and violation of the implied consent law after she declined to submit to a breathalyzer test. She is free on pre-trial release.