Lydia Clem steals man’s ring worth over $5,000 at Nail Time & Spa Inc

79-year-old Lydia Perez Clem stole one of Theodore Washington III’s rings at Nail Time & Spa Inc on Highway 70 South on May 14th. Washington III reported taking off two rings next to the base light on the countertop where he sat while his hands were soaked. He stated that he was later moved to another chair and accidentally left his rings until he finished at the second chair. When Washington III returned, he discovered one of his rings had been stolen. Washington III then notified the spa about the theft. South Nail Time Spa let him review their camera footage. The footage showed Clem dropping something small a couple of times near where Washington III’s rings were before examining the small item in her hand, reaching down toward her purse on the right side of her chair, and pulling her empty hand back up. Washington III believed this was when Clem put what was later identified as his ring in her purse. The spa gave officers Clem’s information, and they went to her residence. Officers asked Clem if she would return the ring. Clem returned the ring to officers stating, “I feel bad. I should not have done that.” Washington III valued the ring between $5,000 to $8,000. Clem was taken into custody for theft on June 13th.

Porch Pirate William Cano busted in $50 coffee theft

Police say 34-year-old William Cano backed his vehicle up to the front porch of a residence on Davidson Drive in June and stole a box that had just been delivered. The box contained $50 worth of coffee. The incident was captured on video, and Cano admitted to the theft. He was issued a state citation, which he was booked on this week.

Laura Wright charged after keying car in road rage incident

28-year-old Laura Wright was booked this week for a road rage incident that took place on Old Hickory Boulevard. Raymond Bateman told police that on April 23rd Wright sped up to tailgate him while blowing her horn and flipping him a bird with her middle finger. They both stopped and got out of their cars, then Wright walked up to Bateman and punched him in the mouth. He got back in his vehicle and called the police. While on the phone, he saw Wright scratching the hood of his car with a key. Two autobody shops estimated the repair would cost just under $2,000.

78-year-old Evelyn Frye Center Founder charged with DUI at 1 a.m. Friday

78-year-old Evelyn Frye is charged with DUI after a traffic stop during which she admitted to drinking wine, and gave bizarre statements, such as it wasn’t hot enough to drive down West End with her high beams on.