Devotis Shelton jailed for sexual battery incident at West End Avenue 7/11

26-year-old Devotis J Shelton was jailed on October 31st for an outstanding warrant regarding a sexual battery incident that occurred in June 2021. On 6/13/2021, Clara Wyszynsiki-Silva was at 7/11 on West End Avenue to get gas when she noticed Shelton staring at her through her windshield as he walked into the store. Silva had issues with her card at the pump, so she went inside to pay. As she approached the front door, Shelton was exiting, so she nervously moved to avoid him. Then, Shelton moved to reach Silva and grabbed her shirt, tearing it, before grabbing her right breast and fleeing as she yelled at him. Silva then went inside to tell 7/11 employees what happened. Officers received surveillance from 7/11 consistent with this version of events and were given screenshots of Shelton to identify him. Silva was later given a photo lineup and pinpointed Shelton as the assailant.

DUI: Nashville Realtor Rob Mize denies drinking before crash; police say they had to hold him upright to stand

38-year-old Nashville Realtor Rob Mize reeked of alcohol, according to police, as they encountered him at his wrecked vehicle near West End Ave & Natchez Trace, where he had hit the curb and damaged his right side tire and bumper. He stepped out of his vehicle as officers approached, and he stumbled around the vehicle and talked with slurred speech. He told officers he believed someone had hit him and asked if they had seen anyone else in the area. He claimed he had nothing to drink and had been “with friends down the street” but would not be more specific. Police say Mize was so intoxicated they had to hold him upright while he was being searched incident to arrest.

DUI: Taylor Schiel crashes Audi on West End, flees vehicle, pretends he wasn’t the driver to police

29-year-old Taylor Davis Schiel crashed his Audi in the middle of West End Avenue and exited the car before police arrived. As police were investigating the scene they noticed a nearby vehicle and spoke with one of the occupants, who told police he just stopped and wanted to make sure everyone was OK. Upon further questioning, he admitted his backseat passenger was actually the driver who fled the Audi, Taylor Schiel. Schiel was seen concealing multiple bottles of liquor, some of which were located in the Audi, including a half-empty bottle of Evan Williams. He was clearly intoxicated and reeked of alcohol, but told officer had had not consumed any alcohol. He was transported to booking and charged with DUI.

COVID enforcement results in 59 citations and 3 arrests over Labor Day weekend

Officers over the Labor Day weekend took a number of enforcement actions with the goal of seeing the declining trend of COVID-19 cases in Nashville continue. There were 4 parties and events stopped, 59 citations issued, and 3 arrests made over the weekend.

Man found sleeping in Holiday Inn lobby thinks police car is his own

27-year-old Kent Kilpatrick was charged with public intoxication after he was found asleep in the lobby of a Holiday Inn and then attempted to enter a police vehicle thinking it was his own.

Man arrested for stealing energy drinks

30-year-old Mark Nave was charged with theft of merchandise after he stole 2 energy drinks from the Shell Gas Station on West End Avenue.

78-year-old Evelyn Frye Center Founder charged with DUI at 1 a.m. Friday

78-year-old Evelyn Frye is charged with DUI after a traffic stop during which she admitted to drinking wine, and gave bizarre statements, such as it wasn’t hot enough to drive down West End with her high beams on.