Realtor David Butera jailed after becoming too drunk in public in downtown Nashville

55-year-old Franklin eXp Realtor David Butera was found outside Honky Tonk Central by police last Sunday, unsteady on his feet. Police smelled alcohol on his breath while he slurred his speech and noticed that his eyes were red. Due to his inability to care for himself in public, he was taken into custody for public intoxication.

DUI: Nashville Realtor Rob Mize denies drinking before crash; police say they had to hold him upright to stand

38-year-old Nashville Realtor Rob Mize reeked of alcohol, according to police, as they encountered him at his wrecked vehicle near West End Ave & Natchez Trace, where he had hit the curb and damaged his right side tire and bumper. He stepped out of his vehicle as officers approached, and he stumbled around the vehicle and talked with slurred speech. He told officers he believed someone had hit him and asked if they had seen anyone else in the area. He claimed he had nothing to drink and had been “with friends down the street” but would not be more specific. Police say Mize was so intoxicated they had to hold him upright while he was being searched incident to arrest.

Nashville Realtor gone wild in battle with ex-boyfriend — Jeniste’ Bell & Matt McKeon both arrested

Nashville Police say 38-year-old Nashville Realtor Jeniste’ Bell was in an argument with her live-in ex-boyfriend, 37-year-old Matthew McKeon, when things got out of control Sunday. She asked him to leave their shared home and reportedly struck him in the back with a tire iron during an argument when he refused. He says she also fired a shot at him from her gun, and neighbors confirm hearing a gunshot. In response, McKeon reportedly broke several items in the home, hit her in the head with a metal bolt, and tossed a brick through the window of her GMC Yukon.

Nashville’s Rapping Realtor charged after thrusting grandmother backward on couch of their shared home

31-year-old Realtor Jeremiah Jaskulski (known for his deep voice in his commercials), also known as recording artist ‘Jeremiah J’ is charged with domestic assault after police say his grandmother sustained injuries when he picked her up with both hands in their shared home, wrapped his arms around her shoulders, and threw her backward onto a couch.

Nashville Realtor charged after making explicit threats via text message

Nashville Realtor Bethany McGowan is charged with harassment ( to cause distress, intimidate, or frighten) after texting her boyfriend specific threats – details of which are included in the story.

Nashville Realtor charged with attacking husband with scissors, he locked himself in car until police arrived, for his own safety.

39-year-old Nashville realtor Tawntane Yates is free on a $10,000 bond after her husband had to lock himself in a car in their driveway to stay safe until police arrived, after she came at him with scissors, attempting to stab him.