Nashville Realtor Auston Snyder strangles boyfriend for flushing pills down toilet

28-year-old Nashville realtor Auston Bradley Snyder with Destination Finders International had a domestic incident with his boyfriend, James Kevin Kortz, and his grandma, Marilyn Malone, at their Hillmeade Drive residence in the early hours of April 2nd. Officers arrived at the location and spoke with Kortz, who advised that Malone lived with him and his fiance. He added that Snyder had a history of prescription pill abuse and mental illness.

Snyder became angry when he got home and discovered Kortz had flushed all his unprescribed pills down the toilet and had thrown away his marijuana, which sparked an argument that got so heated they ended up locking him out on the balcony for two hours. When they released him, he went to his bedroom to pack a bag, where Kortz asked him to give him his engagement ring back since they were now broken up. Snyder then attacked Kortz, placing both hands around his throat and forcing him to the bed and then onto the floor.

Malone said she started hitting him to get him off Kortz, but he pushed her away. Kortz explained that he had to fight back and that the altercation ended when he hit him on the head with a clock. Snyder left the scene after pushing Kortz into a lamp. Kortz had multiple scratches and bruises on his arms, chest, and face. Snyder was taken into custody for aggravated and domestic assault.