What’s a 3rd Shift MNPD Officer Do All Night? Snapchat Women & Complain of Boredom.

One of MNPD’s new officers, sworn to ‘protect and serve’ spent dozens of hours during a recent overnight rotation, serving his personal interests, of posting to social media about how boring his MNPD job was, how he couldn’t stay awake, and finding women to snapchat him while he patrolled Midtown.

Why Dr. Shawn Joseph requires a chauffeur: He’s horrible at driving & paying tickets.

Reckless driving charges, speeding, 54 in a 35 mph zone, 85 in a 55 mph zone, failure to appear. Tickets in multiple states, one of them unpaid for years. It’s no wonder why MNPS Director Shawn Joseph prefers a personal driver for his daily activities across the city.

Metro Police Officers & Firefighters took secret photos of & shamed a transgender citizen

8 sworn police officers, 2 firefighters, 1 dispatcher, & 1 Metro teacher. That’s how many government employees took part in the public shaming of a transgender citizen of Nashville. Metro confirms investigations are now in progress in multiple departments, including MNPD’s Office of Professional Accountability.

Metro Responds to Information Breach Discovered by Scoop: Nashville; Will Provide Credit Protection

“I want to make sure everyone understands that we are taking this very seriously, and we will take all appropriate steps to protect those residents whose personal information was made vulnerable.”
-Mayor David Briley.

Nashville Firefighter Josh Brown Slurs Fat People, Transgender People, Gay People, Among Others

Nashville Firefighter Robert ‘Josh’ Brown has some very bold opinions – especially toward other humans. He has a lot to say about Fat people, gay people, transgender people, and even people who receive government assistance… even going as far as to indicate he doesn’t believe he has white privilege. That speaks volumes, coming from a middle-aged white man, who works for the government making good pay with year increases (2017: $56K/year | 2016: $51K | 2015: $49K), and has had his past criminal activities, such as assault, dismissed, despite being…

Brett Withers Seeks to Restrict Door-To-Door Sales into Oblivion – Punishing people for the smallest of crimes

If this bill passes, you could have door-to-door solicitors as early as 5:30AM, due to the severe restrictions on evening hours. Of the 684,410 residents in Nashville, only 1,880 have registered for the no-knock list provided by metro. We don’t need a new law, we need people who aren’t happy to register for the no-knock list. The goal of the metro Commercial Solicitor law has always been to balance the First Amendment rights of the solicitor with the privacy and safety of the residents of the community. A proposal, up for 2nd…

Metro Councilwoman Sponsoring Ban on Rope Lights Was Sued By Her Own Neighborhood Association & More

Nashville – why is the councilperson who can’t follow her own homeowner’s association rules wanting to tell the rest of Nashville they can’t have rope lights in their own windows? Meet Tanaka Vercher. There’s a bill that will be up for third & final reading tonight at the Metro Council that -almost- went by unnoticed. Thanks to WSMV for highlight this ordinance that would ban ‘rope lights’ on nearly every business in Nashville. The bill is sponsored by Metro Councilwoman Tanaka Vercher. Why would Vercher try to sponsor an ordinance…

Councilman Brett Withers Gets Bitchy Over Boobs

Oh Brett Withers, you never cease to amaze embarrass us. It was bound to happen at some point. An openly gay man in East Nashville was bound to eventually snap over fake boobs. No one expected they would be attached to a blow-up sex doll, though. That’s exactly what happened on Friday. You would think a councilman charged with a DUI, who has a life partner that was charged with growing marijuana with 1,000 ft of a school, would be just a little more laid back and chill about a…