Clarksville bar loses liquor license for 6 months after violating executive orders amid pandemic

Tarboosh Hookah Bar in downtown Clarksville has agreed to a six-month suspension of its liquor license, after the TABC (TN Alcoholic Beverage Commission) filed suit, alleging violations of multiple executive orders, refusing to provide records to the TABC, failing to keep records of purchases and sales of liquor, and overall posing a risk to public safety.

Teen charged after dog overheats, dies in her vehicle

19-year-old Ali Miller was charged with aggravated animal cruelty when Animal Control discovered her dog overheating in a locked car with the windows up. The fire department tried to save the animal, be ultimately it did not survive.

Nashville Fire Dept Employees Continue to Violate the Social Media Policy – Posting Incident/Scene Photos Online

A year ago, we told you about Metro Nashville Fire Department employees that were posting things on social media, in direct violation of the department’s social media policy, which we also published at that time. Over the past year, we’ve been monitoring over 100 publicly available feeds of Nashville Fire Department employees, that are freely available for anyone to view online, and we’ve found that not only do over 95% of them identify themselves as NFD employees (Firefighters, EMS, Engineers, & Chiefs/District Chiefs, in particular) – but they continue to…

Nashville Fire Chief Holt’s Letter to Tim Lankford – Notice of Disciplinary Charges

Shortly after we exposed the hateful and intimidating posts by Nashville Fire EMS District Chief Tim Lankford, he took several weeks of ‘sick leave’ that he had built up – so he was not presented with the 64 page letter below, and the accompanying charges from the Civil Service Commission, until very recently. He had an initial informal meeting with the NFD upper management on July 13th 2016, and the department has 10 calendar days to notify him of if it’s disciplinary decision – which will be July 23rd, so…

Nashville Fire Department: VIDEO! Stop the Engine! Stripping for a Drag Queen while on Duty!

Oh, Nashville Fire Department, you have yet to cease to amaze us. This time, instead of the hateful closed-minded ideals of some of the higher ups, we have some of the rank-and-file having a lot of fun – caught on camera, once again, the polar opposite of some of the attitudes we’ve found on display in our previous looks at the Nashville Fire Department. We have to ask – did the Nashville Fire Department allow it’s firefighters to appear, ON DUTY, in a web show? We’re guessing the answer is…