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Oh, Nashville Fire Department, you have yet to cease to amaze us. This time, instead of the hateful closed-minded ideals of some of the higher ups, we have some of the rank-and-file having a lot of fun – caught on camera, once again, the polar opposite of some of the attitudes we’ve found on display in our previous looks at the Nashville Fire Department. We have to ask – did the Nashville Fire Department allow it’s firefighters to appear, ON DUTY, in a web show? We’re guessing the answer is no, since it is a very impromptu meeting.

The firemen are seen in the video stopping their fire engine at an intersection and immediately starting to take photos from the driver’s seat – then turning on the emergency lights, the driver even exits the fire truck, and in the middle of the intersection begins to strip for one of Nashville’s most prominent drag queens, Raquel Redd, who was filming a segment for her series, Raquel Knows Nashville – all while traffic is lining up behind the Engine with it’s emergency lights on. We’ve included a portion of the video with the firefighters below – you can see the full video at the link below. The driver of the fire engine has yet to be identified by  ENN. Even though the video only shows about a minute of footage, the entire stop was around six minutes according to bystanders. You can see in the images below the video, that several other firefighters were out of the truck, taking photos, even helping the driver get re-dressed.

View the entire video clip here here.

In case you missed it, this is the 4th in a series of NFD articles: Part I – Social Media Meltdown, Follow-Up from IAFF Union & Policy, Part II – Taking Pics on Scene. Also, Tim Lankford says he was “So Disturbed” by the Gay Marriage Ruling that he can “Barely Even Function” at his job as District Chief!

nashville fire stripper 2

nashville fire stripper 1

nashville fire stripper 3 holding traffic

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taking pics


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