DUI: Nashville Fire Fighter Aaron Johnson tells police “I F*cked Up, Man” after causing crash

32-year-old Nashville Fire Fighter Aaron Johnson was jailed on February 18th for causing a three-vehicle crash on Jefferson and Cowan Street. When police arrived, they saw three cars crashed on the road and the occupants of the vehicles waiting on the sidewalk of the bridge. While police spoke with Aaron, they noticed his eyes were very glassy; he was slurring his words and swaying back and forth. Aaron did not consent to field sobriety tests and kept repeating, “I f*cked up, man.” Johnson was then placed in the patrol vehicle, where officers noticed he smelled of alcohol. Johnson was arrested for DUI and transported to booking.

DUI: Seth Thomas found passed out in Dodge Ram after taking Ambien on I-24 East

45-year-old Seth Thomas was unconscious behind the wheel of his Dodge Ram on I-24 East on February 12th. Before officers arrived, NFD administered two doses of Narcan and transported him to Century Farms Hospital. Officers met medical personnel and Thomas at the hospital. Thomas was Mirandized, and he advised officers that he had taken three times the prescribed dosage of Ambien because he was having trouble sleeping throughout the morning hours of February 12th. Then, Thomas stated he attempted to take an unknown passenger to an unknown address. Thomas stated that he remembered driving down Bell Road and I-24 East, telling officers, “I recall pulling over to the shoulder due to traffic and not wanting to wreck.” Thomas told officers he was unaware that he had gone unconscious. After being released from Century Farms Hospital, Thomas was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Nashville Fire paramedic Nick French charged in assault of wife in Clarksville

39-year-old Nashville Fire Department Paramedic Nicholas French is charged with the domestic assault of his wife, Amanda French, on February 15. She says she went to the bathroom to shower, and Nicholas turned off the shower. She exited and attempted to re-enter the bathroom and had to push past him as he was blocking her way. In the process, she says he slammed her arm in the door and held it for at least thirty seconds before completely slamming it shut and punching it several times. Officers documented indentations on the victim’s arm and a golf ball-sized lump on her leg from the assault. French has been with the Nashville Fire Department since July of 2021 and is currently using his accrued leave time until the situation has been litigated.

Nashville FD Medic Abigail Smith charged in assault of husband, punching him until he cried, per video

27-year-old Abigail Smith, who is a paramedic with the Nashville Fire Department, is charged with felony aggravated assault after a video shows her drunkenly picking up a wine bottle and moving toward her husband, Nicholas Wood, who she then grabbed by the hair and hit multiple times in the head until he was crying.

DUI: Jonathan Workman rear ends Nashville Fire engine at 8 a.m. on a Saturday

Just before 8 a.m. Saturday, 33-year-old Jonathan Workman was the driver of a vehicle that struck the rear end of a Nashville Fire Department engine near Haywood Lane and Nolensville Pike. Officer arrived and immediately noticed the smell of alcohol coming from Workman’s breath, along with his glossy eyes and slurred speech. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and would later blow a 0.127% BAC on a breathalyzer.

DUI: Nashville Firefighter Justin Blackburn says police shouldn’t arrest him, out of respect; just follow him home

29-year-old Nashville Firefighter Justin Blackburn was driving 60 mph in a 40 mph zone on Dickerson Pike and swerving out of his lane multiple times as police pulled him over just before midnight Wednesday. Blackburn, who reeked of alcohol, made jokes about “eating cookies while driving,” denied drinking any alcohol, and later admitted his cookies joke wasn’t funny. After failing field sobriety tests, and as he was being placed into custody, Blackburn began to make it known he was a Nashville Fire Fighter and repeatedly stated he should be shown respect and the officer should just follow him home instead of arresting him.

Soldier Sean Puzewski was found drunk & unconscious in downtown Nashville

28-year-old Sean Puzewski was located unresponsive and heavily intoxicated in front of Bridgestone Arena in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Saturday morning. Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative arrived to assist, along with medics from the Nashville Fire Department. He was already loaded onto the medic’s cot when he came to and began to unbuckle the safety straps and then refused any and all medical assistance. Due to his level of intoxication and inability to care for himself, he was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Ashland City man burns down port-a-potties downtown before leaping in front of bus — Michael Evans

Police say 43-year-old Michael Wayne Evans set fire to three port-a-potties in downtown Nashville Thursday, burning them to the ground, and then jumped in front of a WeGo transit bus, somewhat unsuccessfully. He was able to kick and punch the bus windows, causing substantial damage.

AUDIO: Fireworks began while police & helicopter were in blast/fallout zone -“someone should be fired” heard on radio traffic

As the nation watched nervous TV hosts try to fill space as the Nashville fireworks were delayed over a half-hour Sunday night, behind-the-scene a lot was happening. Several suspected trespassers in the blast/fallout zone caused MNPD officers to search for them in a building with personnel and a helicopter – and then suddenly someone started the show, catching 8 MNPD officers and a helicopter pilot in the immediate airspace by surprise. We have the audio from their radio traffic #LISTEN

Man found sleeping in running truck with marijuana and a revoked license

24-year-old Travon Smotherman was charged with possession of meth, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and driving on a revoked license after he was found sleeping in his truck that was still running in the middle of the road.