VIDEO: Nashville Fire EMT holds youth at gunpoint, threatens to ‘pop’ them in the future

Nashville Fire EMT, and former Buffalo Bill Linebacker, Jimmy Ray Robinson is free on bond this morning, after holding some white neighborhood youth at gunpoint and threating to ‘pop’ them, stating “this is how little kids get f—ing shot… this is the f—ing south, everybody’s got a fucking gun!”.

DUI Details: Nashville Fire Fighter had ‘3 beers’ before blowing .204% BAC

Nashville Fire Fighter Brandon Ray Womack told Goodlettsville Police he had “three one-pint beers, with a few pieces of chicken” a couple of hours prior to wrecking his vehicle and blowing a .204% BAC on a breath test.

Arson Arrest: Catherine Parker sprayed mattress with bug spray, lit it. 2 cats rescued.

Nashville Fire Department Arson Investigators arrested Catherine Parker, 43 for starting a fire inside her Madison apartment on April 10, 2019. Just before 6:00 pm Catherine Parker called 911 to report a fire in her apartment in the Hickory Chase Apartment Complex, located at 600 Heritage Drive. There were two cats inside the apartment at the time of the fire. Fire personnel used animal oxygen mask kits to revive the two pet cats.

Nashville firefighter charged with breaking down ex-wife’s door, assaulting new boyfriend

Nashville firefighter John Judkins is out on a $3,000 bond in Wilson County, after Mt. Juliet Police say he kicked in his ex-wife’s door, and assaulted both her and her new boyfriend at 5 a.m. last Sunday morning.

Nashville firefighters peddling rainbow ‘Nashville Fire’ t-shirts at gay bar while on-duty this weekend

What appeared to be on-duty Nashville Fire Department Firefighters, in uniform and carrying radios, showed up to at least one Nashville gay bar this weekend, selling rainbow themed ‘Nashville Fire’ t-shirts to the gay men in the bar, or as one patron called it on his social media “selling water in a desert.”

Nashville Fire Dept Employees Continue to Violate the Social Media Policy – Posting Incident/Scene Photos Online

A year ago, we told you about Metro Nashville Fire Department employees that were posting things on social media, in direct violation of the department’s social media policy, which we also published at that time. Over the past year, we’ve been monitoring over 100 publicly available feeds of Nashville Fire Department employees, that are freely available for anyone to view online, and we’ve found that not only do over 95% of them identify themselves as NFD employees (Firefighters, EMS, Engineers, & Chiefs/District Chiefs, in particular) – but they continue to…

Allen Hanback, of Nashville Fire Dept, Online Bullying, Sexist Remarks, Online Threats, Insults Transgenders, Gays, & says MNPD should assault more criminals, would personally assault Protesters – All While Representing the NFD Online

After last year’s issues with Tim Lankford & others within the department, some whom were suspended without pay, and all of whom completed diversity training after we brought their online postings to the public, the Nashville Fire Department made a very clear and very public statement, in regards to employee’s social media postings – Unless they were speaking on behalf of the department, their personal social media accounts should either carry a disclaimer that opinions are their own, and not that of the MNFD, or they were simply not to…

Nashville Fire: Tim Lankford Suspended Without Pay, Must Attend Diversity Training | NFD Firemen Stripping at Red Lights Still OK!

In light of a story we originally investigated and brought to light, regarding Nashville Fire Department’s EMS District Chief Tim Lankford, and his social media blunders – he has been suspended, without pay, for 10 days, and must attend diversity awareness training. Lankford recently claimed that the comments were ‘because of the death of this wife, though that was proven to not be true. It’s worth nothing, that NFD Public Information Officer, Brian Haas, has still declined to provide ENN any information on the matter, despite multiple open records requests…

Tim Lankford LIES to Disciplinary Board of Nashville Fire Department

On the morning of July 13th, Tim Lankford was called into a disciplinary hearing by his employer, the Nashville Fire Department, of which Fire Commander Tim Anderson, Assistant Chief Walter Demonbreun, Jr. and Assistant Chief Lenny Manning were all present. He was there to answer charges brought against him by the department and the Civil Service Commission, after our investigation of his social media posts. According to information obtained by The Tennessean, Lankford stated “If I had a clearer mind I wouldn’t be sitting here,” he said. “(When) I said I…

Nashville Fire Chief Holt’s Letter to Tim Lankford – Notice of Disciplinary Charges

Shortly after we exposed the hateful and intimidating posts by Nashville Fire EMS District Chief Tim Lankford, he took several weeks of ‘sick leave’ that he had built up – so he was not presented with the 64 page letter below, and the accompanying charges from the Civil Service Commission, until very recently. He had an initial informal meeting with the NFD upper management on July 13th 2016, and the department has 10 calendar days to notify him of if it’s disciplinary decision – which will be July 23rd, so…