Hunter Williams fights juveniles with his wife on Broadway after being kicked out of Honky Tonk Central

23-year-old Hunter Williams and his wife, Sabrina Smith, were seen outside Honky Tonk Central arguing with kids on April 5th. Officers observed Williams punching a lightbox outside Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row after he and his wife were kicked out. William seemed visibly irate and displayed several signs of intoxication. Shortly after, officers saw the couple across the street at Honky Tonk Central. Smith appeared to be calming Williams down until they both got into an argument with two disorderly juveniles. After arguing, a fight broke out between the four. Hunter Williams was then taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Maria Hensley remains jailed for making “finger gun” gestures on Broadway in downtown Nashville

41-year-old Maria Hensley was at the front door of Rippy’s Honky Tonk on Broadway in downtown Nashville making “finger gun” gestures to staff and patrons. The manager of Rippy’s flagged down nearby officers, who placed her into custody, stating “she was engaging in an act that served no legitimate purpose and was causing many people to feel uncomfortable.” She was transported to booking and charged with disorderly conduct. She has remained jailed for three days, unable to post a $50 bond.

Ashland City man burns down port-a-potties downtown before leaping in front of bus — Michael Evans

Police say 43-year-old Michael Wayne Evans set fire to three port-a-potties in downtown Nashville Thursday, burning them to the ground, and then jumped in front of a WeGo transit bus, somewhat unsuccessfully. He was able to kick and punch the bus windows, causing substantial damage.

Local drinks too much vodka on Broadway, charged with public intoxication — Mario Sardagna

Metro Nashville Police took 48-year-old Mario Sardagna into custody Saturday afternoon at 401 Broadway, Merchants Restaurant. Officer Sean Pulizzano says the local man was extremely intoxicated and was annoying people in the area of the restaurant, and could not stand up without swaying. Sardagna told police he drank too much vodka and apologized.

Sardagna was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

MNPD Officer Sean Pulizzano stabbed in neck with pen, says he “got complacent, didn’t disarm” suspect

You won’t’ find a lot of unearned accolades for MNPD from this outlet, however, there are individuals within the department who carry out amazing work for the city on a daily basis. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone, even those he’s arrested and jailed, to say a bad word about Downtown Officer Sean ‘Spyder’ Pulizzano – he’s one of the true good “good guys” in Nashville.

You also wouldn’t suspect the tall and lanky middle-aged man who has been with the department for nearly two decades was a local MMA legend as he rides his bicycle on-duty for Central Precinct. That’s part of what makes it even more surprising that a suspect got the best of him this week, stabbing him with an ink pen, leaving a deep puncture wound just an inch from his carotid artery.

Man found passed out in parking space after 5-6 beers at Jason Aldean’s Bar — Blake Layman

21-year-old Blake Aaron Layman says he had “5 or 6 beers” at Jason Aldean’s bar before he passed out on the ground in a parking space. When officers found him late Friday night and woke him up, he staggered to another parking spot where he threw up before being arrested for public intoxication.