MNPD Officer Sean Pulizzano stabbed in neck with pen, says he “got complacent, didn’t disarm” suspect

You won’t’ find a lot of unearned accolades for MNPD from this outlet, however, there are individuals within the department who carry out amazing work for the city on a daily basis. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone, even those he’s arrested and jailed, to say a bad word about Downtown Officer Sean ‘Spyder’ Pulizzano – he’s one of the true good “good guys” in Nashville.

You also wouldn’t suspect the tall and lanky middle-aged man who has been with the department for nearly two decades was a local MMA legend as he rides his bicycle on-duty for Central Precinct. That’s part of what makes it even more surprising that a suspect got the best of him this week, stabbing him with an ink pen, leaving a deep puncture wound just an inch from his carotid artery.

Woman caught stealing at Walmart gives police roommate’s name

31-year-old Cody Beneke was charged with assault, theft, criminal impersonation, and contraband in an institution after she stole $57 dollars worth of merchandise from Walmart and kicked a loss prevention officer while being detained.

Mask violation leads to woman assaulting police and urinating in patrol car

25-year-old Morgan Zekas was charged with 6 counts of assaulting an officer; one aggravated, 2 counts resisting arrest, vandalism, possession of marijuana, public intox and health regulation violation when she was found defying the mask mandate and an officer said she threatened him when he asked her to put one on.

Upset man throws cell phone at officer after contacting Mobile Crisis

32-year-old David Cook was charged with assault on an officer after he requested to speak to the Mobile Crisis Unit and when officers were standing around him, he became upset and threw his cell phone striking one officer in the chest.

Teen kicks & bites MNPD; threatens to find & shoot officer in the head when he bonds out

18-year-old Tanner Vick was charged with two counts of vandalism, assault on an officer, resisting arrest, and evading arrest after his mother reported to police that he was damaging her home and car. While being detained, he bit and kicked officers, damaged the patrol car, and threatened to shoot the officer in the head when he gets out of jail.

Whitney Warren re: MNPD: “I made that officer do his job, I boxed his little ass” – and she did!

During the fight, Warren grabbed for Officer Gonzalez’s gun multiple times, and screamed: “Give me that gun, bitch!”

MNPD Officer Kicked in Balls Twice by Female, Sent to Hospital

MNPD Officer Robert D. Fondren had to make an unexpected trip to Metro General Hospital last night, after he was kicked in the testicles, twice. According to a police affidavit, two other MNPD officers were attempting to place Tanesha Clay under arrest in Nashville late Friday night, but couldn’t quite get her restrained, so they called for a 3rd unit to respond to the scene. That’s when officer Robert D. Fondren arrived to the Hadley Park location an an effort to assist the other two units in getting the female…

White Girl Wasted: Pulls Down Pants, Head Butts Cop, Kicks Cop in Face, Damages Cruiser – Sierra Lenigar

Sierra Lenigar was arrested on Wednesday evening after MNPD received multiple calls that she was pulling her pants down outside a store, and hitting vehicles. When officers arrived, she was “highly intoxicated” and when MNPD took her into custody, the officer noted she was also possibly under the influence of “some narcotics”. She began to cuss at police, and once handcuffed and in the back of the cruiser, she head butted the officer that was buckling her seat belt. She then kicked him multiple times in the hand and leg.…