John Wilcox throws beer from rooftop of Jason Aldean’s Bar

26-year-old John Wilcox threw a full beer can off the rooftop of Jason Aldean’s Bar late April 4th. Officers were walking through the parking lot between Jason Aldean’s and Broadway Brewhouse when they observed the can being thrown across the lot, smashing nearby, causing beer to splatter on them. Officers said a significant amount of alcohol came out of it while it traveled through the air. After this, they saw Wilcox duck down and move away on the rooftop.

Security for the establishment signaled to officers by flashing their flashlights at them and pointing at Wilcox. Security escorted him outside, where officers were waiting to detain him. He made random comments and admitted to throwing the beer. Additionally, officers reviewed surveillance, which showed the entirety of the incident. Wilcox was taken into custody for the assault of an officer and reckless endangerment.

College tourist Brock Duty says he’s “just down here to be an a**hole”

22-year-old University of Michigan student Brock Duty left Nashville this weekend with five new criminal charges after a night out on Broadway. Officers responded to AJ’s Good Time Bar and met with security at the location, who had removed Duty from the bar. Police noticed he reeked of alcohol and asked him if he was with anyone, to which he replied, “No, I am just down here to be an asshole.” Then, they detained Duty and requested a transport vehicle. When officers tried to put him in the patrol car, he became aggressive, thrashing and pulling away from them. During the altercation, Duty got in Officer Sarabia’s and started yelling and screaming, and then spit in his face. Once officers got Duty into the patrol car, he began to kick the passenger side window until it was off-track, popping it out of place and causing it to need repair. Officers then readjusted him and restrained his legs. Duty was taken into custody on April 6th for vandalizing government property, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and the assault of an officer.

California Tourist Alansan Bangura tased after resisting arrest, tells officers they’re “enslaving him”

36-year-old California tourist Alansan Bangura caused a disturbance at Luke’s 32 Bridge late March 10th. Security for the establishment alerted authorities and advised them that Bangura refused to leave the bar after being told to do so. Security noted that this was due to Bangura annoying other patrons, bumping into them, and making a scene. When the officers arrived, they tried to speak with him, but he was verbally irate, disregarding their commands. Officers then went to detain Bangura, but he became resistive, pushing backward, causing them to fall onto the ground in an unknown liquid. During this scuffle, Bangura fell onto Officer Tucker, injuring his shoulder. While on the ground, Bangura continued to resist, refusing to give officers his hands. When officers got his left wrist into a handcuff, they told him that he would be tasered if he continued not to cooperate, which he did not. After numerous chances, Officer Liquori placed the taser on Bangura’s back and dry-stunned him. After being tased, Bangura finally gave the officers his hand so they could detain him. Bangura repeatedly told officers that they were “enslaving him” and that they needed to take him to the precinct to let him go. Bangura also called them racial slurs while on the way to booking. Bangura was taken into custody for the assault of an officer, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and criminal trespassing on March 11th.

Mylev Davianna Boone slips handcuffs, pushes MNPD officer into wall

20-year-old Mylev Boone was jailed late Friday after an altercation at her home in East Nashville. Someone could be heard screaming for help when officers arrived at the Conviser Drive residence late Friday night. Officers observed the original caller and her daughter attempting to restrain Boone, who was being unruly and threatening. As officers attempted to detain Boone, she became tense and pulled away. She was visibly intoxicated and reeked of alcohol, according to police. She was eventually placed into handcuffs but later slipped them and then pushed another officer into a wall. She was eventually restrained enough to be transported to booking.

Deven Buckner assaults officers in the midst of a mental breakdown

26-year-old Deven Buckner was harassing people at Mapco on Smith Springs Road on December 6th. Buckner was rambling and making nonsensical statements when officers arrived and could not answer basic questions. Officers attempted to take Buckner to his home on Waterford Way with the help of an individual who knows his family, but no one was present at the residence when they got there. They were able to contact Buckner’s mom via phone to inform her of what was going on, and she advised them that he appeared to be going through a mental health crisis. The crisis counselor evaluated him and determined that he needed to be “6404’d” and taken to the hospital. Buckner became irate when they told him he was going to the hospital, punching the window in the back of the patrol car twice. Officers stopped at Smith Springs to take the individual who knew Buckner’s family home and attempted to handcuff Buckner when they got to the parking lot, but he refused to cooperate. Buckner pulled his arms away from the officers and pushed his way through them to get out of the back seat, and then they grabbed him, guided him towards the grassy area, as he continued to resist, and eventually took him down to detain him. Officers had to force him back into the patrol car, and he was taken into custody for assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.

MNPD Officer Sean Pulizzano stabbed in neck with pen, says he “got complacent, didn’t disarm” suspect

You won’t’ find a lot of unearned accolades for MNPD from this outlet, however, there are individuals within the department who carry out amazing work for the city on a daily basis. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone, even those he’s arrested and jailed, to say a bad word about Downtown Officer Sean ‘Spyder’ Pulizzano – he’s one of the true good “good guys” in Nashville.

You also wouldn’t suspect the tall and lanky middle-aged man who has been with the department for nearly two decades was a local MMA legend as he rides his bicycle on-duty for Central Precinct. That’s part of what makes it even more surprising that a suspect got the best of him this week, stabbing him with an ink pen, leaving a deep puncture wound just an inch from his carotid artery.

Woman caught stealing at Walmart gives police roommate’s name

31-year-old Cody Beneke was charged with assault, theft, criminal impersonation, and contraband in an institution after she stole $57 dollars worth of merchandise from Walmart and kicked a loss prevention officer while being detained.

Mask violation leads to woman assaulting police and urinating in patrol car

25-year-old Morgan Zekas was charged with 6 counts of assaulting an officer; one aggravated, 2 counts resisting arrest, vandalism, possession of marijuana, public intox and health regulation violation when she was found defying the mask mandate and an officer said she threatened him when he asked her to put one on.

Upset man throws cell phone at officer after contacting Mobile Crisis

32-year-old David Cook was charged with assault on an officer after he requested to speak to the Mobile Crisis Unit and when officers were standing around him, he became upset and threw his cell phone striking one officer in the chest.

Teen kicks & bites MNPD; threatens to find & shoot officer in the head when he bonds out

18-year-old Tanner Vick was charged with two counts of vandalism, assault on an officer, resisting arrest, and evading arrest after his mother reported to police that he was damaging her home and car. While being detained, he bit and kicked officers, damaged the patrol car, and threatened to shoot the officer in the head when he gets out of jail.