Antonio Woods assaults girlfriend during phone call with her mother

36-year-old Antonio Woods had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Latisha Kelley, at their South 5th Street residence on the afternoon of February 25th. Kelley spoke with officers when they arrived, advising them that she and Woods had argued while she was on the phone with her mother. Woods then grabbed Kelley’s phone from her, striking her in the face, which left a small scratch on the left side of her lips. Officers deemed Woods as the primary aggressor, and he was taken into custody for domestic assault. When they got to booking, officers found 1.2 grams of a white, powdery substance in Woods’ right sock. Woods was additionally charged with bringing contraband into a penal institution.

Douglas Harris drunkenly brings dollar bills containing cocaine to booking

31-year-old Douglas Harris tried to enter a random apartment at the Tampa Drive apartments in the late hours of January 31st. The apartment resident stated Harris was beating on the door and yelling loudly. When the officers arrived, he pointed Harris out to them, so they drove over and called out to him, but he dismissively waved his hands. When they approached Harris, he held his hands together at his waistband, so they drew their pistol in self-defense, ordering him to show his hands, to which he complied. Officers detained him and tried to conduct an interview but noticed he was visibly intoxicated. A subsequent search led to them locating a bottle of Svedka Vodka and a dollar bill folded up with a small amount of cocaine in his front pocket.  During his arrest, he screamed, “Help me!” at the top of his lungs multiple times, annoying the apartment residents. Harris was taken into custody for resisting arrest, simple possession, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct. When they got him to the booking, deputies found two one-dollar bills containing cocaine in his wallet, consistent with the illicit transport of cocaine for use. Additionally, Harris was charged with having contraband in a penal institution.

Fugitive Cheyenne Paige found with drugs in his prison pocket at Nashville Jail

29-year-old Cheyenne Paige was found to be trespassing inside the laundry room at The Village at Crestview Apartments in Madison Wednesday morning. When officers checked his identity to charge him with criminal trespassing, they realized he was a wanted fugitive out of Arkansas. Nothing was found on him during a search, however, once he was at booking, deputies at the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office located a quantity of marijuana, a folded dollar bill containing an unknown substance, and two now broken blue pills inside the rear body cavity of Cheyenne Paige. It was unclear how long he had just been walking around with the bounty in his booty.

MNPD Officer transports armed suspect to jail with their gun he missed during a search — Hannah Forkum, arrested

20-year-old Hannah Forkum was arrested Thursday on a multitude of charges, including auto theft. As Metro Nashville Police Officer Tony Minsing took her into custody, he says he searched her waistband, but not her upper back area. That mistake meant the Ruger LCP .380 she had strapped to the middle of her back wasn’t found, and he cuffed her hands directly below it and placed her into the patrol car for transport to DCSO for booking. When staff at the Sheriff’s office were processing her for booking they discovered the gun strapped to the middle of her back. In addition to her other charges, she now faces a felony charge of introducing a firearm into a penal institution. Disciplinary action is pending against Officer Tony Minsing.

DCSO Officers find bounty of booty in bussy of inmate — Craig Briley’s #PrisonPocket

26-year-old Craig Briley was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail after police determined he was a felon in possession of a handgun while riding in a car with William Anderson and Jada Stange, and she told police the gun wasn’t hers, despite the fact she was able to legally possess one.

Once at the Jail, located a homemade ‘tube’, created from electrical tape, deep inside Briley’s rectum by Officer Brian Burton which contained 24 grams of methamphetamine, 28 grams of marijuana, and a MicroSD card. Also found attached to Briley’s pen*s was a metal pill bottle with 5 ecstasy pills and another gram of meth. Briley is jailed in lieu of a $35,000 bond.

Woman punches boyfriend at Tin Roof, found with hydrocodone while being booked

24-year-old Savannah Liebhart was charged with domestic assault and contraband in a penal facility when she reportedly punched her boyfriend in the face at Tin Roof and hydrocodone was found in her purse during booking.

Man found with nearly $5,000 worth of oxycodone stuffed in crotch during booking

27-year-old Joe Visor was charged with possession of oxycodone and contraband in a penal institution after detectives watched him perform a hand-to-hand transaction, and 163 oxycodone pills were located in his crotch at booking.

Couple jailed on over $100k bonds after police find them with a stolen vehicle

40-year-old Chassity Thorton and 29-year-old Juan Parra were both charged with burglary and theft. Thorton was also charged with contraband in a penal institution and Parra with possession of burglary tools and evading arrest when they were caught with a stolen car and forcing entry into a home.

Woman caught stealing at Walmart gives police roommate’s name

31-year-old Cody Beneke was charged with assault, theft, criminal impersonation, and contraband in an institution after she stole $57 dollars worth of merchandise from Walmart and kicked a loss prevention officer while being detained.

Food service employee caught sneaking narcotics to Montgomery County Jail inmate

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has charged three individuals after they received an anonymous tip that a kitchen employee with Trinity Service Group, who provides food services to inmates, was bringing in prescription narcotics to an inmate.