Trenell Hunter arrested for an outstanding warrant from California

37-year-old Trenell Hunter was taken into custody for being a fugitive from justice without a warrant on May 1st. The US Marshals Task Force located Hunter at his Hillside Flats apartment and detained him for having an outstanding warrant out of California with full extradition, which was confirmed via NCIC.

North Carolina tourist Brandon Juhaish drunk dives into bed of police pickup truck during CMA Fest

Metro Nashville Police working Entertainment District for the CMA Fest crowd in downtown Nashville Thursday night observed 39-year-old Brandon Juhaish stumbling down the sidewalk near 5th & Broadway when he fell to the ground. He was assisted back to his feet by another citizen before falling back down and rolling around on the sidewalk. Juhaish then made his way back to his feet before running and diving into the bed of a marked MNPD pickup truck.

DCSO Officers find bounty of booty in bussy of inmate — Craig Briley’s #PrisonPocket

26-year-old Craig Briley was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail after police determined he was a felon in possession of a handgun while riding in a car with William Anderson and Jada Stange, and she told police the gun wasn’t hers, despite the fact she was able to legally possess one.

Once at the Jail, located a homemade ‘tube’, created from electrical tape, deep inside Briley’s rectum by Officer Brian Burton which contained 24 grams of methamphetamine, 28 grams of marijuana, and a MicroSD card. Also found attached to Briley’s pen*s was a metal pill bottle with 5 ecstasy pills and another gram of meth. Briley is jailed in lieu of a $35,000 bond.

Spilled milk, stolen cigarettes: Antioch woman attacks roommate

49-year-old Lisa Goodman was charged with domestic assault after she shoved Matthew Kauer in the chest and threw a bowl of cereal at him during an argument about her taking two of his cigarettes.