Rebecca Nieves threatens medics, resists police, after drinking too much in downtown Nashville

Police and medics responded to the Ole Red Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Sunday morning, where 25-year-old Rebecca Angelic Nieves was initially believed to be having a seizure — it turns out she was just extremely intoxicated. As medics placed her in the back of the ambulance for medical clearance, Nieves began to threaten to harm the medics and was eventually placed into custody by police after it was determined she was just intoxicated. She then pulled away from officers, resisting arrest. Nieves then vomited all over herself and the back seat of the patrol car, and produced a second round once inside booking.

Tourist Anabel Mcilvaine charged with Downtown Nashville DUI on her birthday

25-year-old tourist Anabel Mcilvaine was jailed on April 16th, on her 25th birthday, for driving her Toyota Highlander drunk on I-40 after a night of bar hopping on Broadway. When police spoke with Mcilvaine to ask how the accident happened, her breath smelled strongly of alcohol, and her speech was slurred and slow. Her eyes were bloodshot, and her mouth was dry. She told the police the accident was her fault because she drank too much. She agreed to sobriety tests and performed poorly. Later, she told police that she had 5-6 cranberry and vodkas from several bars on Broadway.

Casey Daff charged with assault of police officer during drunken dispute downtown

Metro Nashville Police encountered 33-year-old Case Daff during a call for another incident they were investigating at 7th & Broadway in downtown Nashville Friday afternoon. During the investigation, Daff was observed to be visibly intoxicated and repeatedly walked up on officers. He was ordered to stand back, and in response, he smacked away Officer Kency Le’s hand. As he was being detained for assaulting a police officer, he tensed up and was taken to the ground. He continued to make threats and challenge the arresting officer to a fight while at booking.

Andrei Gavaz pulls it out and touches it at Kid Rock’s Bar on Valentine’s Day

Police say 24-year-old Andrei Gavaz unzipped his pants and whipped out his most prized possession at Kid Rock’s Bar on Valentine’s Day. He then thoroughly touched himself and then, using that same hand, smacked the face of a bouncer who had escorted him out of the venue due to his level of intoxication. He was attempting to re-enter the bar when the assault occurred. The bouncer, Shay Thomas, fell to the ground and suffered cuts to both elbows and his knuckle while attempting to detain Gavaz.

Police arrived to find Gavaz cuffed, and as they were placing him in the rear of a patrol car, he had to be hobble-restrained as he attempted to kick Officer Hill in the face, but no contact was made. He was still charged with assault of an officer, as Officer Hill stated he “felt as if he was about to be assaulted.” He then began to spit all over the rear of the patrol vehicle, resulting in an additional vandalism charge.

Austin Justice was (over) served in downtown Nashville

28-year-old Austin Justice was asked to leave Honky Tonk Central by a bartender late Friday night. When he refused, security became involved at attempted to escort him out of the venue. Not quite ready for his night to be over, Justice pushed the bouncer, Robert Flippen, in the chest and was detained after a brief struggle. Officers arrived at the scene and took Justice into custody. He was charged with public intoxication and assault.

Adam Jordan Pritchard indicted on ten counts of sexual contact with a child

42-year-old Adam J. Pritchard is jailed in lieu of a $250,000 bond after the Grand Jury indicted him on two counts of statutory rape and eight counts of sexual battery of a then 15-year-old child. The indictment alleged that in 2020 was in a position of trust or power over the victim and engaged in unlawful sexual contact eight times and engaged in statutory rape twice during that period.

Christin Blankenship Austin punches boyfriend until he’s bloody in Nashville hotel room

39-year-old Christin Blankenship Austin is charged with the assault of her boyfriend, Kyle Simmons, at a downtown Nashville Hotel. The two were out exploring downtown Friday night and, as they returned to their hotel room, began to argue. During the walk to the room, Christin reportedly hit Kyle in the back of the head, and he informed her he was gathering his things and leaving. Once both were in the room, he says she punched him in the mouth and hit him in the back of the head again as he was collecting his belongings. During the struggle, his finger was also slammed in a door. Officers documented blood on his mouth and that his finger was injured. Christin was determined to be the primary aggressor and was charged with domestic assault and transported to booking.

Tourist Adam Perkins punches cop twice, free on pre-trial release

33-year-old North Carolina tourist Adam Perkins caught the attention of Metro Nashville Police after he was observed walking in traffic at 5th & Broadway late Saturday night. As officers approached to check on his welfare, it was immediately apparent he was extremely intoxicated. Officers attempted to guide him out of the road and back to the sideway, but Perkins refused. He began to yell and scream at officers and punched Sgt. EricPetlewski in the chest twice, while screaming “take me to jail!” As officers were taking Perkins into custody, he pulled away from officers and kicked at the windows inside the patrol car until he was placed into hobble restraints for transport.

Lauren Roberts jailed after assault of husband at Opryland Hotel in Nashville

36-year-old Lauren Roberts from North Carolina is charged with the domestic assault of her husband at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel after she grabbed him by the neck and scratched him as he attempted to catch her amid a drunken stumbling fall. She screamed out, “I don’t need your help!” Responding officers noticed the victim, Zachary Roberts, to be bleeding and have injuries to his neck. The two were drinking near the Cascades and had taken the elevator to the wrong floor in the search for their hotel room. Lauren refused to make any statements to officers and was determined to be the primary aggressor.

MNPD Officer placed “in fear of assault” when Jonathan James puts arms on him on Broadway

Metro Nashville Police Officer Connor Hosey says he was assisting a citizen with taking a photograph just after 2 a.m. on Broadway in downtown Nashville Saturday when 24-year-old Jonathan Pierre James came up and placed his arms around the neck of Hosey. While observers say it looked like horseplay, the Metro Nashville Police officer says he felt in fear of bodily injury and had Officer Caulder place the North Carolina tourist under arrest for assault.