Spot’s Pet Supply owner Chad Baker sued over another dog’s injury/death.

A lawsuit has been filed against Chad Baker, an owner of Spot’s Pet Supply (and also of The Dog Spot), in response to the death of Lucy, a dog that was allegedly injured while in their care last year. Chad Baker has been on the losing end of another lawsuit recently, due to the death of a dot at The Dog Spot location in East Nashville, which as recently closed, as did as their downtown location.

$7.5 mil lawsuit alleges man brutally beaten in back room of Crazy Town bar

A $7,500,000.00 lawsuit has been filed against Crazy Town in downtown Nashville, alleging that a man celebrating a bachelor party at the venue was brutally beaten without provocation, and then taken to a back room where the brutal assault continued and escalated, resulting in serious bodily injury.

Nashville Underground sued; bouncer charged after attacking black couple, body-slammed female, left both bleeding

Bouncer Jordan Frye stopped the elevator doors and got into the elevator with the patrons. Once inside the elevator, Frye is charged with punching the black male patron in the face, then grabbing the black female, and body slamming her onto the floor of the elevator. Frye then picked up the male from behind, and placed him in a headlock.

Mayoral candidate Jeff Napier can’t pay $850 Flex loan, wants to manage $2.2 billion city budget

Nashville Mayoral candidate Jeffrey Napier was named in a civil lawsuit on May 8th, and a civil warrant was signed on May 9th for him to appear in court. He is being sued by Advance Financial for a Flex loan that was never repaid, for $851.98, plus $283.99 in attorney’s fees, for a total of $1,135.97 + fees. As a reminder, the budget for the city of Nashville, for which the Mayor is responsible, is just over $2.2 Billion. Napier was reached by phone late Friday evening, and was not…