Off-duty THP Lieutenant accused of having female stripped & cavity searched against her will at Titan’s Game

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In a lawsuit filed last week in Davidson County Circuit Court, a woman says she was stripped searched and forcibly double-cavity searched against her will at the direction of an off-duty THP officer, while working at Tennessee Titan’s game.

This happened during an October 2017 NFL game, where the Titans hosted the Indianapolis Colts. The victim, who has been allowed to only be named as ‘Jane Doe’ in the public records of the lawsuit, due to its nature, is a black female bartender, who worked for Legends Hospitality, who provided food & beverage service to Nissan Stadium during this game. During this particular game, she was working at the Old Smokey Bar 2126 stand, along with two white female bartenders.

At the beginning of the 4th quarter, the victim and her co-workers finished cleaning the stand, and the victim collect the cash tills and placed everything in a money bag to take downstairs to the money room, as per policy. She counted the money, and turned it in, as usual, and was waiting while her friend finished her cash out so they could leave together. She was approached by Todd, who was the money room manager, and asked her name, which she gave him. He then asked if she went by another name, and she responded by giving her common nickname. Todd then turned to an off-duty THP Trooper, who was working for a private security company during the game, and told him the victim was the “one they were looking for”.  The Trooper’s last name is believed to sound like “Pollick”.

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“The Apex security guard then forced her fingers into the victim’s rectum and vagina without her consent”

The victim says that the off-duty THP Officer ordered her to go with him, and since he appeared as an armed police officer, she felt she had no choice but to comply. She says his behavior toward her made it clear she was not free to leave, and that physical force would be used against her if she attempted to do so.

The off-duty THP Trooper took her to a hallway, and asked if she had anything that belonged to Legends, to which she asked what was she supposed to have, and the trooper then told her she was not allowed to ask the questions, that he was the one doing the asking, and repeated the question to her. She replied that she did not have anything.

The off-duty THP Trooper told the victim once she was searched, she would be “on her own” because he gave her the chance to be honest, implying she had been lying to him. She was then detained against her will, while a female security guard employed by Apex Security came to the location, at the order and direction of the off-duty THP Trooper, to search her.

Once the female security guard, employed by Apex Security, arrived, the off-duty THP Trooper pulled her to the side and had a private conversation. Immediately after that conversation, the female guard took the female victim, against her will, into the bathroom stall of a locker room area, and was made to remove her shoes, socks, pants and shirt. She patted the victim down, searched under her bra, and found nothing.

The victim says at no time did she consent to be searched or touched by anyone. At this point, the security guard ordered the victim to pull her underwear down to expose her genitals, and to squat and cough. The Apex security guard then forced her fingers into the victim’s rectum and vagina without her consent.

Nothing was located on or inside the victim, nor her clothing, shoes, hair, or tip jar. When the victim asked the Apex security guard what she was looking for, she replied

“I don’t know exactly, I am just doing what (off-duty THP Trooper) ordered me to do”

The off-duty THP Trooper then reported back to John Doe #1 (Todd), that nothing was found, and she was allowed to leave. The suit alleges:

  • Violation of Civil Rights
  • Violation of TN Human Rights Act
  • False Imprisonment
  • Battery
  • Reckless / Intentional Inflection of Emotional Distress

There is only one person with the last name similar to “Pollick” on the THP employee roster, and that is Marty Pollock, a Lieutenant in the Research Planning and Development Division.

We reached out to the THP, and the spokesperson was not immediately familiar with the case, nor could confirm any off-duty employment dates. Here’s a copy of the lawsuit:

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