VIDEO: MNPD Detective decommissioned after assaulting a homeless man on a public street

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The Metro Nashville Police Department has decommissioned Detective William Thorowgood after he assaulted a homeless man on a public roadway outside his home, who he claimed was littering. He attacks the man, knocking him to the ground and placing a knee on his chest while telling him he’s detained and he would be in cuffs if he had them with him. Thorowgood, who has been with the department for ten years and served as a Fraud Detective, reported the incident to his supervisor on Monday, December 12, and was decommissioned the same day. After the assault in the video [full 17 minutes included in the story], Thorowgood calls 911 and reports the homeless man is armed and advancing toward him, both of which the video shows to be untrue. This is a developing story.

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14 Thoughts to “VIDEO: MNPD Detective decommissioned after assaulting a homeless man on a public street”

  1. Corey Jackson

    Straight up arrest that man – in what society is it ok (cop or no cop) to Assault a man unprovoked…
    I dont care if he was “One of them” thats assault in every book because if this was the other way around – guess what that man with the child is going to jail apology or not

  2. Seth Clark

    That cop just cost the police department some big money I hate to see anyone lose their job but that man doesn’t need to be a cop

    1. Dee

      Detective William Thorowgood needs to be behind bars, why do cops get to play by a different set of rules than the rest of us?!

  3. Ray

    Why isn’t the blue line thug being brought up on CRIMINAL CHARGES for his brazen assault on a citizen?

  4. Reed Thomas

    The great equalizer, the cell phone. I want to get the call of officer with the 911 dispatcher that finally talked some sense into the officer and the body cam of the black officer. It Didn’t do him any good to shove $80 into Jeremy‘s pockets, because 2days later he showed the video to the DA, The DA prosecuted the cop. The biggest loser in all of this is that baby and sweet, sweet, girl who offered the cop chicken nuggets.

  5. Luke

    Bad cops are everywhere and need to be weeded out.

  6. Pussy Galore

    Thouroughgood and Giannantonio and her partner are dirty cops! They should all be terminated! Tax payer’s get hit with large law suits and these pigs don’t care cuz they are given immunity! NOT when our you are not on duty. Word to everyone! Demand that your police officers behave in a professional manner. And if you want to stop an innocent cop from getting killed, removed the rotten pigs in your ranks! The public has the right to film anyone on a public street!

  7. Trina Darling

    They tried and tried to figure out a way to get him out of it. Too bad…he buried himself with his lies.
    I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ how many years it’s going to take the administration to figure out that they can’t give the cops permission to lie, and then, ummm, be surprised when they always lie!! DUH!!!

  8. Bob-a-Lou

    Decommission is weak…a decommission is a nonpunitive administrative action that temporarily takes away an officer’s policing authority, which let’s them do things like investigate crime reports and make arrests. A decommission does not suspend the officer as an employee. Rather, it suspends the officer’s policing authority. Most decommissioned cops are later reinstated.

  9. Cyndy

    The US no longer has community police officers. They are state sponsored terrorists and deserve the same respect and trust afforded all terrorist organizations.

  10. Rick

    Deliberately hassling a cop at their residence is the equivalent of entrapment, using the pretense of being a homeless litterer doesn’t excuse it. Keep your trash and your trashy lifestyle off the streets of taxpayers.

    1. Homer W.

      Nobody deliberately hassled that cop, pay attention fool.. They unknowingly dropped a bag of candy, the homeowner cop called them on it and they picked it up and continued walking.. Then the cop went ballistic when he saw the man had started filming him and that’s when he attacked the man with the camera. Let me ask you this, what was the crime being committed when the cop assaulted him and tried to arrest and cuff him on a public street?

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