Heather Guzman pushes husband through glass door & leaves him there; claims he did it to himself

Nathan Burkitt says after a night of heavy drinking he was in a 4 a.m. argument with his wife, 30-year-old Heather Guzman, and as the argument continued to escalate to a loud and aggressive state, he suggested that his wife leave the house so they could each have their personal space and rest. He says Heather then pushed him backward through a glass door, shattering it, and left him lying on the back deck, injured and bleeding. When police arrived and interviewed Heather, she claimed he must have been mad at a video game and head-butted the door, which didn’t match any of his injuries. She was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault with bodily injury.

DUI: Charles Jones III says he did “at least one body shot” & 6 beers prior to driving, amid tears

When officers stopped 36-year-old Charles Jones III on I-40 in the early hours of Thursday morning he reportedly told them “I’m going to be honest, I’m intoxicated” before he broke down and began to cry. He stated he had consumed 6 beers and did “at least 1 body shot” before driving, and then requested an attorney. The result of his breathalyzer test was 0.207% BAC.

Darius Perry says he’s “sorry” about firing handgun into apartment above

21-year-old Darius Perry was in an argument with a female at the Burning Tree Apartments when he brandished a handgun, pointed it at the ceiling, and fired it into the apartment above, which was occupied. He stated “sorry” as he fled before police arrived. He was taken into custody later that same evening.

Jakob Ethridge flees from police, throws officer from car; free on pre-trial release

22-year-old Jakob Ethridge was booked into jail this week on outstanding warrants charging him with evading arrest and reckless endangerment during an attempted traffic stop in February. Police say they were conducting a traffic stop on Ethridge on February 2nd on Tulip Grove Road in Hermitage after observing him traveling 48 mph in a 30 mph zone. As officers approached the vehicle, which reeked of marijuana, they ordered him to step out of the vehicle. Ethridge suddenly restarted the engine and fled the scene, throwing the officer from the vehicle as he fled.

Kathryn Haley Gilmore admits to keying a man’s truck in Berry Hill

28-year-old Kathryn HaleyGilmore is charged with felony vandalism after confessing to Berry Hill Police that she vandalized the truck of Paul Hooks, which was parked outside of his residence. Officers described the damage as “extensive” and the result of being scratched with a key. The victim says she threatened to key his vehicle earlier in the evening.

Joshua Crawford charged after punching & biting boyfriend during bedroom assault

David Jones says his boyfriend, 28-year-old Joshua Crawford, woke him up from his sleep by yelling and screaming at him while holding his phone and asking him about things on it. As Jones reached up to retrieve his phone, he says Joshua Crawford punched him in the face to knock him back then continued to punch, scratch, and bite him. He then escaped to a bathroom, locked the door, and called police. Police documented multiple injuries on the victim’s body and took Crawford into custody.

Josh Faulkner charged in theft of vehicle and TV from friend

Police made contact with 21-year-old Josh Faulkner, who was hunched over in front of a vehicle at the exit gate of the Cherry Creek Apartments. He told them he was trying to get inside the complex. As officers ran the tag of the vehicle it came back as stolen just minutes prior to them making contact. The owner of the vehicle also reported that a TV was stolen. When officers asked Faulkner about the TV, he took them to a field on a dead-end road where he dumped it. The victim, Tina Gamble, and the defendant knew each other.

Man charged with sexual battery of pregnant girlfriend — Jose Armando Espinoza

40-year-old Jose Espinoza is charged with the sexual battery of his pregnant girlfriend. She reports to police that he became upset when she didn’t want to have sex and threw her to the ground, then used one of his hands to grab her pubic area repeatedly. She crossed her legs to prevent penetration, at which time he reportedly slapped her in the face. The two then argued about an STD and a stolen vehicle, at which time he again forced her to the ground.

Man charged in assault of ex-girlfriend, she bites him in self-defense — Kyler Shular arrested

25-year-old Kyler Vance Shular is charged with felony aggravated assault/strangulation and false imprisonment after his ex-girlfriend came over to get her things from their shared apartment, to which she still had a key, and he reportedly became upset, pinned her to the floor, threatened her, then covered her mouth when the screamed. A neighbor heard the commotion and knocked on the door, allowing the victim, Halle Strunk, to escape.

Both parties had injuries as she fought back and bit him at least once in self-defense, however, police determined Shular to be the primary aggressor due to the disparity in physical sizes and severity of injuries between the parties. Shular is free on an $8,000 bond.

Woman stopped by neighbor as she picks up coffee table to assault boyfriend — Andrea Perez arrested

38-year-old Andrea Lopez had just picked up an entire coffee table and was holding it about to strike her boyfriend, Michael Trestain, with it when a neighbor heard the commotion inside and opened their door and stopped her. She had already struck the victim multiple times, leaving visible injuries on his face and police documented the apartment had “a large amount of broken items, including glass and pieces of furniture, all over the apartment”.