Nashville dentist prescribed 100’s of pills to habitual drug user patient, then hired her to work in his practice

Dentist Norman Cordice, who has practiced dentistry since 1982, has surrendered his license after the state board determined he was guilty of prescribing drugs to a habitual drug user, who he then hired to work at his practice. He prescribed 340 Hydrocodone, 420 Oxycodone, and 50 Tylenol w/Codeine, then left signed slips so the new ’employee’ could write herself a script, too.

Back Alley Diner – The photos that prompted a 75 Health Inspection Score *UPDATED*

We recently received some photos that seem to have prompted an inspection by the Health Department for Back Alley Diner, located at 217 Arcade Alley, a frequent place that we visit when on that side of the river in downtown. An inspection on 04/20/17 resulted in a critical score of 75, and a follow-up score of 96 on 04/28/17, after they had time and notice to correct the Critical Violations. The question remains of just how long conditions have been this bad at Back Alley Diner (B.A.D.) – whose motto…