Christopher Matus caught with heroin after officers discover outstanding warrant

35-year-old Christopher Matus was involved in a personal injury accident at Armory Oaks Drive on June 18th. During the investigation, officers discovered that Matus’ license had been revoked. Officers also learned that Matus had an outstanding warrant for his arrest from White Bluff, Tennessee, with extradition. Following Matus’ release from the hospital, officers conducted a search of his person. During the search, officers located a small off-white rock in a nicotine pouch box, which Matus later admitted was Heroin. Matus was taken into custody for simple possession and driving on a revoked license.

Joshua Reese caught driving on revoked license after ignoring officers attempting to pull him over

31-year-old Joshua Reese was seen evading police in a white Dodge Charger at Hillhurst Drive on May 21st. Law enforcement attempted to pull Reese over, but he continued down Hillhurst Drive to the rear of a home. Officers witnessed Reese, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, exit the car, hold his hand against himself, and enter the house. Officers ordered Reese to stop and attempted to apprehend him but could not. A few moments later, Joshua Reese exited the house, was taken into custody, and charged with evading arrest and driving with a revoked license on May 22nd.

Anthony Smith flees police after driving on revoked license to avoid getting his car towed

50-year-old Anthony Smith almost caused a collision in his Grand Marquis near Murfreesboro Pike and Thompson Place on March 20th. Officers observed Smith drive through a parking lot and in front of traffic as he turned left onto Thompson Lane, so they activated their emergency equipment. Smith then stopped in the middle of the road, dropped his passenger off, and sped off, disregarding officer signals to stop. Officers decided not to pursue, deactivated their sirens, and followed him, keeping him in sight. During this, officers followed Smith several blocks as he drove through the grass and pulled up to his apartment, where they detained him. Smith told officers he decided to flee to avoid getting his car towed. Smith was taken into custody for driving with a revoked license and evading arrest by motor vehicle.

Marvaughn McClerkin crashes into police cars while fleeing in stolen vehicle

24-year-old Marvaughn McClerkin parked a stolen grey Infiniti Q50 at Commerce Union Bank Building late February 20th. NCIC notified detectives that the Q50 was reported stolen by Cody Sumner on October 6th, so they approached the car and attempted to do a tactical vehicle takedown, but McClerkin fled the scene after ramming into the police cars. MNPD aviation followed the Infiniti to the West End and Louise Avenue area, where they saw the driver, McClerkin, and his unidentified passenger flee on foot. McClerkin was arrested around 25th Avenue South and Kensington Place before being placed into custody for two counts of evading arrest, theft of property, driving with a revoked license, and three counts of aggravated assault.

Connor Hill caught texting while driving on revoked license

31-year-old Connor Hill was texting while driving his gray Toyota Tacoma without his seatbelt on I-65 North on February 19th. Officers observed this, activated their emergency equipment, and conducted a traffic stop. Hill yielded before getting off at the Rosa Parks Boulevard exit, where officers approached him and requested his driver’s credentials.  Officers checked Hill’s driving status and history, which returned with one revocation, a DUI out of Williamson County in March 2021, restricting his license to an interlock device. Officers then asked Hill if he knew about his revoked driving status. Hill told officers that he was unaware of the revocation and was told his DUI was resolved in 2022. Officers noticed no interlock device in his Tacoma as dispatch confirmed his driving status and restriction. Hill was taken into custody for driving with a revoked license.

Jermia Price jailed after stealing from Kroger

28-year-old Jermia Leshay Price tried to steal multiple items from Kroger on McGavock Pike on May 18th. Price was trying to exit with the items, and Joni Corinne attempted to stop her, so she punched her twice in the face before hurrying to her vehicle and fleeing the scene. Rickey Sanders witnessed the incident. Price was taken into custody for driving on a revoked license and assault on December 4th.

Tiara Wilson charged with DUI 2nd offense after East Nashville crash

24-year-old Tiara Wilson was charged with DUI after crashing into a utility pole. On the 24th, officers were dispatched to a crash on Gallatin pike. Wilson had damaged power lines that were setting the nearby grass on fire. When asked how the crash happened, she would not answer but instead talked only about her life story and how she was already going to jail in Montgomery County in two days for another DUI charge. After asking several times, she admitted that she had leaned over to grab something when the crash occurred. She repeatedly stated that she was going to jail and that she was sober. Due to the strong winds, Officers could not pick up a smell of alcohol, but with her insistence on being sober and her performing poorly on the sobriety test, officers believed her to be impaired. While conducting a vehicle search, officers found an open container of VooDoo Ranger IPA.

Wife calls cops on her husband who takes neighbor’s Cadillac for a DUI drive — Calvin Howse

Quinetta Howse called Metro Nashville Police on Sunday to report her husband, 38-year-old Calvin Howse, had been drinking since Friday and was out on the road driving their neighbor’s white Cadillac on a revoked license. Officer arrived at the neighborhood, they indeed found him in the Caddy, driving down the street with an alcoholic beverage in his hand. He held the beverage up to officers and stated “these will get you f***-d up real quick!”. He explained he was simply using the car to go get more alcohol, and he knew he was going to jail… and he did.

Mt. Juliet Restaurant owner charged in assault of girlfriend — Thomas Courtney arrested, yet again.

The 52-year-old troubled alcoholic Mt. Juliet restaurant owner, Thomas P. Courtney, has been booked into jail yet again and released on his own recognizance, this time after assaulting his girlfriend, leaving her badly bruised. Court records show the pair were driving on I-40 when he began swerving and driving erratically in response to an argument over a text message, and when she attempt to get the car back under control, he crashed the car off the road, pulled her out, and assaulted her by kicking her in the face, leaving her in the mud, locking the car, and walking away from the scene. A Wilson County magistrate released him on his own recognizance, as with most of his other dozen arrests. He was arrested again the following day for violating his Wilson County Probation, has multiple open DUI & other cases in both Wilson County and Nashville, and refuses to abide by interlock restrictions. His license to drive was revoked on 10/08/2021 – if you see him driving in Mt. Juliet, please immediately call the police at 615-754-2550.

Woman faces drug paraphernalia charge after traffic accident — Emily Goforth arrested

Police say 27-year-old Emily Goforth hit the vehicle in front of her while driving Monday night. When police responded to the accident, they discovered she had an outstanding warrant for a probation violation, and during the search for that arrest, police found what they believe to be a crack pipe with white residue on it. She is free on a $1,500 bond.