Joshua Reese caught driving on revoked license after ignoring officers attempting to pull him over

31-year-old Joshua Reese was seen evading police in a white Dodge Charger at Hillhurst Drive on May 21st. Law enforcement attempted to pull Reese over, but he continued down Hillhurst Drive to the rear of a home. Officers witnessed Reese, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, exit the car, hold his hand against himself, and enter the house. Officers ordered Reese to stop and attempted to apprehend him but could not. A few moments later, Joshua Reese exited the house, was taken into custody, and charged with evading arrest and driving with a revoked license on May 22nd.

Nashville man charged for DUI after admitting to police he “got drunk and drove”

40-year-old Andrew Putnam was charged with driving under the influence and implied consent after his vehicle collided with a parked car, drove over a mailbox, and crashed into a tree in someone’s front yard.

Man assaults ex-girlfriend over break-up

22-year-old Ezaat Kanaan was charged with domestic assault after he got physical during a confrontation with his ex-girlfriend over their recent break-up.