Man assaults ex-girlfriend over break-up

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22-year-old Ezaat Kanaan was charged with domestic assault after he got physical during a confrontation with his ex-girlfriend over their recent break-up.

On February 1st, Abigail Roach reported that she and her roommate Chelsea Bush had just returned to their apartment on West Eastland Avenue. Abigail stated that while approaching her building she was confronted by her ex-boyfriend, Ezaat Kanaan. Abigail said that Ezaat walked toward her in an “aggressive manner” because he was upset that they broke up 2 weeks ago. Abigail had blocked Ezaat’s phone number and believes that was the reason he showed up looking for her. According to Abigail, Ezaat began yelling about the breakup and some belongings he had left there.

Ezaat Kanaan (MNPD)
Ezaat Kanaan (MNPD)

Abigail stated that she only had a key of his, which she handed to him and then attempted to walk past him. Ezaat continued to block Abigail and Chelsea’s path until he grabbed Abigail’s arm in an attempt to stop her from leaving him. Abigail and Chelsea both yelled at Ezaat to let her go. Once Ezaat let her go, both of the women were able to get away to a safe location. Ezaat left the scene after the incident. Abigail had no visible injuries but stated she was in fear of Ezaat.

Ezaat Kanaan was later arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $1,000.

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