Wife calls cops on her husband who takes neighbor’s Cadillac for a DUI drive — Calvin Howse

Quinetta Howse called Metro Nashville Police on Sunday to report her husband, 38-year-old Calvin Howse, had been drinking since Friday and was out on the road driving their neighbor’s white Cadillac on a revoked license. Officer arrived at the neighborhood, they indeed found him in the Caddy, driving down the street with an alcoholic beverage in his hand. He held the beverage up to officers and stated “these will get you f***-d up real quick!”. He explained he was simply using the car to go get more alcohol, and he knew he was going to jail… and he did.

Woman hits her boyfriend’s ex-wife with her vehicle; 10-year-old son forced to watch

39-year-old Erin Rudolph Walton was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after she drove into her boyfriend’s ex-wife with her 10-year-old son in the vehicle.

Woman whacks sister’s assailant in back with bat

27-year-old Coreysha Brown was charged with vandalism and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when she took a bat to the home of a woman who had been involved in an incident with her sister earlier in the day.

Woman insists on viewing title of Cadillac for sale, takes it, flees in car, registers it as her own

Erica Dunning Hutcherson, 34, is charged with auto theft, after police say she stopped to view a Cadillac for sale in the front yard of a residence, asked to view the title, then got in the car with the title, drove to another county, and registered the vehicle as her own.