Elderly couple repeatedly terrified by photogenic doorbell ringer

52-year-old Samuel Sims was charged with harassment after repeatedly traveling to an elderly couple’s residence and verbally assaulting them. He has been told to not come to their residence and has left them in fear due to his mental condition.

Woman attacks Academy Sports employee following presumed shoplifting

26-year-old Asia Crawley was charged with assault and disorderly conduct after attacking an Academy Sports employee that approached her while she was attempting to conceal merchandise and when she tried to escape, she knocked several items off the shelf, per report.

Nashville woman shoves father, presses lit cigarette onto officer during arrest

34-year-old Brooke Wright was charged with vandalism, domestic assault, and assault of an officer after she was involved in an altercation with her father and while being placed into custody, she pressed a lit cigarette onto the leg of the officer and struck them with a soda bottle, per report.

Nashville woman shoves and slaps daughter across face during argument

38-year-old Christy McCord was charged with domestic assault after pushing and slapping her daughter across the face. McCord has repeatedly attempted to kick her daughter out of the home, per report.

Madison man pistol-whips girlfriend during altercation

22-year-old Wilbur Shue was charged with aggravated assault after striking his girlfriend with a handgun and his fists that required her to seek medical attention.

Women injure man with tire iron, shoots another during Nashville robberies

39-year-old Paula Hurt was charged with two counts of especially aggravated robbery and 36-year-old Jaqueline Mangrum was charged with especially aggravated robbery after striking one man with a tire iron and shooting another in two separate incidents while demanding money from them.

Florida man attempts to smuggle 42 pounds of marijuana through Nashville International Airport

20-year-old Treydrais Shine was charged with possession with intent after he was found with 42 pounds of marijuana inside two suitcases while connecting at Nashville International Airport on the way to Tampa, Florida.

Facebook Marketplace flipper: Woman caught stealing and selling landscaping goods

30-year-old Sarah Scott was charged with two counts of theft of property after stealing a pressure washer and a leaf blower from two separate individuals and then attempted to sell them on Facebook Marketplace.

Vehicle burglar caught in the act, attacks owner when told to stop

32-year-old Phillip Perry was charged with assault and burglary of a motor vehicle after he was caught attempting to break into a vehicle and assault the owner when he was told to stop, per report.

Nashville man shoves officer, flees scene of accident without shirt or shoes

35-year-old Tony Stout was charged with possession of cocaine with intent, leaving the scene of an accident, resisting arrest, and evading arrest after police observed a plastic baggie with over 3 grams of “white powder substance” in his wrecked vehicle. When being detained, he pushed the officer away and ran off.