Tiktok Bounty Hunter Michael Bolden drives with fugitive cuffed inside, body hanging outside SUV

#VIDEO: Nashville Bounty Hunter Michael Bolden often posts videos to his 40,000 TikTok followers, showing wanted fugitives he has captured for bail bond companies. Late Thursday night, it was the sister of a fugitive who was behind the camera as Bolden watched his fugitive escape his custody in a wild ride on Dickerson Pike, part of which included Bolden backing into the sister’s car when she blocked him in, Bolden firing his gun at the sister’s car, and eventually driving down Dickerson Pike with his fugitive hanging onto the outside of his vehicle while she is still cuffed to the dashboard inside. The fugitive, Antoinette Hall, eventually slipped her handcuffs after he pulled over, and she escaped from his custody.

77-year-old admits to pointing gun at husband of 54 years over missing painting

77-year-old Bobbie Peoples is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after police say she pointed a gun at her husband of 54 years and demanded to know what he did with the painting of a dog she was currently working on. The husband called the police to report he was afraid she would shoot him.

Nashville woman shoves and slaps daughter across face during argument

38-year-old Christy McCord was charged with domestic assault after pushing and slapping her daughter across the face. McCord has repeatedly attempted to kick her daughter out of the home, per report.

Bordeaux Tiger Market Brawl: 45yo beats & drags 27yo across parking lot by hair for “sleeping with her husband”

There was a show-down of sorts on Friday afternoon at the Tiger Market in Bordeaux, as MNPD officers were stopping to fuel a patrol car they observed 45 year old Darnykka Daniel McCray dragging 27 year old Lanika Cartwright across the gas station parking lot by her hair. As officers were getting stopped they noticed Darnykka was also punching Lanika in the head with her closed fist. Officers screamed for Darnykka to “let her go”, and Darnykka immediately complied and started screaming. Despite continued efforts by offers to get her…

Margenia Armstrong: You can’t just slash his tires. #Arrested

Margenia Armstrong probably wasn’t enjoying 04/20 the way she intended, because just after midnight on Friday morning, she was booked into jail. As it turns out, slashing the tires of your baby daddy wasn’t the smartest idea she ever had. Especially when she’s mad about him not giving her money, as now he has tires to pay to repair. On Thursday night, Margenia L Armstrong was dropping off her child at the father’s house (her ex-boyfriend), when the topic of child support came up. According to court documents, Margenia became…