Wilson County Sheriff’s Captain charged with DUI; blood drawn with warrant after refusal

Wilson County Sheriff Office Captain Wendell ‘Cheryl’ Henry was arrested and charged with DUI Monday afternoon after a wreck with injuries. She admitted to drinking wine, and refused a blood draw. A warrant was obtained for her blood, and she is now on administrative leave without pay.

Man charged with statutory rape after sex at Waffle House ‘multiple times’ with co-worker

The pair admitted to having sex ‘multiple times’ at the Donelson Waffle House on Lebanon Pike, where they were co-workers. He is Benjamin McDonald, 25, she had just turned 17. Now he’s charged with statutory rape in 2 counties.

Randy Dicken’s Arrest Revealed ‘Older Bruising’ on Child, Indicating History of Abuse; Mother Arrested on Separate Charge

Earlier this week we learned that local music producer Randy “High Rolla” Dickens had been caught on video hitting and beating a child. Now we know this likely wasn’t the first time. ALSO: The child’s mother, Nia Snow, now arrested on a child support attachment.

From Tinder to Terror: Dacota Echols Arrested

Dacota Colby Echols, 30, was arrested Saturday night after he met a female on Tinder less than a month ago, went on 2 dates, and refused to take no for an answer. Earlier in the week, on Wednesday, he thought she “owed him time” and threatened to assault her and her friends, if she wouldn’t meet up to see him. She went to the police instead, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. The victim met Dacota Echols on Tinder the weekend of March 17th, and they went on…

“There’s Weed In My Fanny Pack, Officer” – The Arrest of Dustin McCulley

Dustin Wayne McCulley was arrested overnight in North East Nashville after telling officers “There’s weed in my fanny pack” during a traffic stop. #OnlyInEastNashville do we transport our marijuana in our fanny packs, unless it’s during fan fair week, am i right? (yes, it will always be ‘fan fair’ no matter what they are calling it now). Around 10PM Friday night, MNPD Officers spotted a black four door sedan traveling near brick church pike, with only one headlight working. A traffic stop was conducted at Briley Pkwy, and as officers…

Uber Nashville Driver Posts Photo of Drunken, Passed Out Passenger, Abandons Him in Grass.

What do you do if you’re an Uber driver in Nashville, and your passenger is so drunk that after a twenty minute ride he has no idea where he’s going? Well, ideally you’d take him to the address he put as his destination in the pax app, assuming he was coherent enough to request an Uber, that much should, at least, be correct. What did new Uber Nashville driver Chris Jamison do? Every story has two sides, and according to his post on social media this morning, where he posted…

Dumbest (East of) East Nasvhille Facebook Post(er) of 2016 – Cristen Wesenberg

It’s over. Everyone else can stop even trying. Just 19 HOURS into the new year (yea, we expected at least weeks, maybe months, too), the title of Dumbest Facebook Post(er) of 2016 has been claimed. In what is a somewhat amazing turn of events, the post isn’t “technically” from our ‘East Nashville’ group, either. Technically it’s from a super similar group that is just east OF Nashville, called Hip Mt Juliet – which is still an Eastern Nashville Suburb, so we’re saying it counts, and it’s our contest, so deal…