For a good time, (don’t) call Pastor Greg Locke

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Public restrooms at multiple convenience stores across Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, and Hermitage have been vandalized for several weeks — the writing asks the reader to call or text controversial pastor and adulterer Greg Locke and includes his personal cell phone number. Locke recently became quite ungodly when he found out local news outlet Scoop: Wilson had published unredacted photos at the start of his Sunday service. As his phone was flooded with hundreds of messages and calls, Locke decided to speak on the matter from the pulpit… and vowed to show up at their door or send his lawyer to force them to remove the images (video in story). Remove the images, they did not.

In addition to the sermon, Locke took to social media to reply to multiple comments on the post, including the one below:

Greg Locke Sermon 02/20/23

It’s worth noting that Greg Locke remains the primary suspect in two prior vandalisms to his own Global Vision Bible Chruch, which brought publicity to the troubled church, which some equate to a cult, in recent years.

Though active on social media, Greg Locke did not response to a request for comment on this story.

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2 Thoughts to “For a good time, (don’t) call Pastor Greg Locke”

  1. William G.

    You make fun of people with addictions.. the first time I met you talked about your own criminal record. You figured out how to hustle on the internet, and what you did with you ex wife and started fucking her best friend the secretary?! Let me guess.. God spoke to you and told you to do that.
    From the day I met you, I said to myself – This guy I a fraud and a manipulator, plus a borderline Cult Leader. When you fool those people, they buy it. But a true Christian and a true man sees right through you. Regardless of how much you claim to have changed your life. You’re a bully and a sociopath hiding behind Church Safety. The faithful will soon figure you out again you are a manipulating sociopath and you’ll be “rebranding” again.
    Now your seeking vengeance because someone leaked your cell phone #??? Who gives a damn?! Seriously, all the b.s. youve done and all that’s weighing on your heart is this???
    Man, seriously… why don’t you show your taxes from all these anonymous online “Ministries ” you are collecting from… show the church how much you are really making Fake. Fraud. SOCIOPATH.

  2. MacGyver

    Call Greg Locke at 615-766-0510 it says on ONE of YOUR graphics… ROFL

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