Ben Folds Five frontman divorces fifth wife Emma Sandall after 6 years of marriage

Ben Folds Five frontman and pianist, Benjamin Scott Folds filed this week to divorce his wife, Australian ballet dancer Emma Sandall, after six years of marriage, stating irreconcilable differences in the pleadings. Under a proposed marital dissolution agreement, Folds will be required to pay her a lump sum of $475,000 for any interest she has in their Nashville home. Additionally, he will pay $650,000 over a period of 24 months ($27,083.33/monthly), pay the cost of her car insurance for the next year, pay her $50,000 of additional funds to assist in the purchase of furniture for her new home, and pay her $210,000 AUD from a National Australian Bank account once the divorce is finalized. Folds has four prior marriages since 1987.

Hermitage Bonfire Mongolian Grill flunks health inspection with a 62

A state health inspector visited the Bonfire Mongolian Grill in Hermitage Tuesday afternoon and found a restaurant without any managerial control of the kitchen with multiple priority violations, putting the public at risk. The inspector’s final report, which gave the restaurant a score of 62, notes the hand sink was blocked with work utensils, raw chicken stored above other food, and a dish machine that had no chlorine to sanitize the dishes. The restaurant will use a manual three-compartment sink until this is remedied. Food, including Tofu, bean sprouts, and baby cord, was found at improper temperatures, resulting in ten pounds of embargoed product. Cans of “hot-shot” and “RAID” were located in the kitchen, and fly strips were hanging above the dish area. The ice machine reportedly had a “black mold-like build-up.”

Xavier Montgomery slams girlfriend’s car door causing over $1,000 in damage

27-year-old Xavier Montgomery was booked Sunday night after causing over $1,000 worth of damages to his girlfriend’s vehicle. Shiricci Betts told officers that she and Xavier were returning to their hotel from the airport when an argument began. Shiricci suggested they stay at separate locations for the night and then drive home together in the morning. When they returned to the hotel, Xavier got out of the driver’s seat and slammed the door so hard the airbags deployed throughout the vehicle. He then left the scene before police arrived. Officers spoke with the hotel manager over the phone, who corroborated Shiricci’s story. Not only did all the airbags deploy, but a panel from the driver’s side door was missing. Xavier admitted to slamming the door and seeing the airbags deploy.

DUI: David Jones drinks “3 cups of Tequila” before causing car crash

29-year-old David Jones was involved in a car accident at West Trinity Lane and Brick Church Pike intersection on December 17th. Officers were patrolling, heard a loud bang, arrived, and observed the two vehicles that collided. They asked Jones how the accident happened; he seemed confused and visibly impaired. He admitted that he had been drinking “too much,” referring to the three cups of Tequila he admitted to consuming. He consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and provided a breath sample that resulted in 0.177% BAC. Jones was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

DUI: Local Musician Devin Bills has two whiskey drinks before causing accident on Gay Street

33-year-old Devin Guy Bills had a car accident on Gay Street on December 17th. Officers responded, spoke with the involved parties, and noticed Bills was visibly intoxicated. They asked him if he had been drinking, and he admitted to consuming two whiskey drinks a couple of hours prior. He consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and provided a breath sample, resulting in 0.158% BAC. Bills was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Latanya Wilson threatens juvenile daughter with hammer during argument, tells her she will “smash her with the hammer”

46-year-old Latanya Wilson had a domestic altercation with her juvenile daughter at their home on December 16th. The juvenile daughter advised officers that she came home late, initiating an argument between her and Wilson. The juvenile daughter retreated to her bedroom when the fight ended. Shortly after, Wilson came into her doorway holding a hammer, telling her to get out of the house or she would “smash her with the hammer.” Wilson admitted to grabbing the hammer and threatening her daughter with it. Another family member witnessed the incident. Wilson was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Michael Breton squares up with wife during dispute over lighter

65-year-old Michael Breton was involved in a domestic altercation with his wife, Annette Chevallier, at the Holiday Inn on Broadway on the 16th of December. The conflict started when Chevallier lost her ID and debit card on Broadway, which caused an argument that made Breton increasingly agitated. While the two were standing near the hot dog vendor at 8th Avenue North and Broadway, Breton demanded that Chevallier give him his lighter. This led to Chevallier throwing Breton’s lighter at his feet. Breton retaliated by squaring up with her and pushing her onto her back. Shortly after, they both returned to their hotel, where Breton continued to be verbally aggressive and abusive towards her. Officers spoke with witnesses at the hot dog vendor stand, and they confirmed that Breton put his hands on Chevallier, causing her to fall. When Officers talked to Breton, he denied having used any physical force on his wife. Breton was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

DUI: Heather Dudley drinks 1 glass of wine before driving around Hampton Inn

34-year-old Heather Dudley was disorderly at the Hampton Inn on Northgate Circle in the afternoon hours of Saturday. Officers arrived and observed Dudley packing her belongings to leave the hotel at the Manager’s request, who advised them that Dudley had tried to hit her with her car. They watched surveillance showing Dudley driving her car, but not an intentional attempt to hit anyone. She admitted to driving her car around the building, that she had one cup of wine, and that she smoked some medical marijuana the night before. Dudley consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. A subsequent search of her vehicle yielded a gram of marijuana in a bag with a prescription label and two glass pipes with marijuana residue. Records showed that she had a prior DUI conviction in Louisiana in 2016. Due to Dudley admitting to possessing medical marijuana and having a prescription, she was not charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. However, the medical marijuana and paraphernalia were logged as evidence of DUI. She was taken into custody for driving with a suspended license and her second driving under the influence.

Zoe Dowling drunkenly assaults husband for not letting her drive

27-year-old Zoe Ashtyn Dowling had a domestic dispute with her husband, Chase Michael, at Days Inn in the early hours of December 16th. A hotel guest said they heard screaming and alerted the authorities. Officers arrived, heard screaming from the third-floor room, and interviewed both parties. Michael advised them that Dowling was trying to leave in their car after an argument, insisted he did not physically harm Dowling, and that he only stood by the door to keep her from driving intoxicated. Officers observed his torn shirt and a scratch on his shoulder and face. Dowling stated that she was screaming during the argument, initially denying any attack occurring before admitting to hitting him in the room. Michael did not wish to prosecute. Dowling was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Kyana Ashberry leaves Heroin in car at Nashville International Airport

23-year-old Kyana Danielle Asberry parked her car facing the wrong way at the Donelson Pike and Terminal Drive intersection near Nashville International Airport on December 15th. Officers noticed the vehicle had a cow-print hat on the dashboard with a yellow bag commonly associated with the storage of narcotics, a folded-up dollar bill inside of it, and a pre-rolled cigarette in the center console. Asberry returned to her vehicle as officers observed it, and she advised them that her car had run out of gas, so she went to the gas station. Officers told her about what they found, searched the vehicle, and located 4 grams of heroin, a homemade smoking pipe, a drug overdose kit, and a dollar bill with heroin in it. Asberry was taken into custody for felony possession.