Richard Grams drunk and disorderly at Hilton Nashville Airport

56-year-old Richard Grams was causing a disturbance at the Hilton Nashville Airport Hotel late January 3rd. Grams was being disorderly in the hotel lobby, visibly intoxicated, as officers told him he could either go to the hospital or go to jail. He refused medical treatment but was unable to take care of himself or provide an answer to whether someone would be able to care for him. When they tried to detain Grams, he pulled his arms away from them repeatedly, so they had to bring him to the ground in a controlled manner. Richard Grams was taken into custody for resisting arrest and public intoxication.

Xavier Montgomery slams girlfriend’s car door causing over $1,000 in damage

27-year-old Xavier Montgomery was booked Sunday night after causing over $1,000 worth of damages to his girlfriend’s vehicle. Shiricci Betts told officers that she and Xavier were returning to their hotel from the airport when an argument began. Shiricci suggested they stay at separate locations for the night and then drive home together in the morning. When they returned to the hotel, Xavier got out of the driver’s seat and slammed the door so hard the airbags deployed throughout the vehicle. He then left the scene before police arrived. Officers spoke with the hotel manager over the phone, who corroborated Shiricci’s story. Not only did all the airbags deploy, but a panel from the driver’s side door was missing. Xavier admitted to slamming the door and seeing the airbags deploy.

Shatica Matthews caught stealing at Nordstrom

40-year-old Shatica Sharie Matthews was taken into custody on November 9th for a citation issued in October regarding a theft in Nordstrom, The Mall at Green Hills. Joey Rodriguez, Nordstrom security, observed Matthews concealing three perfume bottles as she left the store without paying. Rodriguez was able to catch up to her, and she admitted to stealing the perfume. The total cost of the items was $413.

Husband says wife Deborah Knowles “woke up and beat the shit out of me!”

31-year-old Deborah ‘Lowana’ Knowles reportedly got into a domestic dispute with her husband, Daniel Baseman, on October 30th. Baseman spoke with officers as they arrived and told them that his wife “got drunk and beat the shit out of me.” Officers were advised that an argument escalated when Knowles threw an object at Baseman before walking up and punching him four to five times in the face. Then, Baseman went to their bedroom to get away, but Knowles followed and continued to punch him before he punched back in self-defense and walked to his car to get away. Officers located Knowles down the road from the scene and noticed she was visibly intoxicated and unable to answer their questions. Knowles began to be resistive when placed under arrest and was taken into custody for public intoxication, domestic assault, and resisting arrest.

Elleisha Bryant charged in assault at Dunkin’ store

22-year-old Elleisha Bryant was booked this week on an outstanding warrant from July 6th when she failed to appear to be booked on a citation. Officers were initially dispatched to the Dunkin’ store on Briley Parkway regarding an assault on June 11th. When officers arrived, they were told that Bryant entered the restaurant with another party that went behind the counter to assault the victim after being told to leave multiple times. Bryant joined in with the other party and began to hit the victim as well. The victim sustained injuries from the assault.

Adam Wilson flees after DUI crash in East Nashville

Police say 37-year-old Adam Wilson crashed into another vehicle in East Nashville late Sunday night and then fled south on Gallatin Pike. Wilson was driving a Toyota Tacoma and had lost a tire and was dragging debris as he sped away from the accident scene. Eight minutes later, a citizen reported the Tacoma on his street, kicking up sparks as it hobbled along West Greenwood Avenue. The citizen observed Wilson get out of the truck and detained him until police arrived moments later. Wilson reeked of alcohol, and there was a half-drank can of beer in the center console.

Robbyn Black & Jayla Warner smash dozens of liquor bottles in brawl at Weiss Liquors

18-year-old Robbyn Black & 22-year-old Jayla Warner face a multitude of charges after they rushed Weiss Liquors in East Nashville, destroying dozens of bottles of liquor and assaulting the people inside. An employee fought back with a baseball bat against one of the women.

Man charged with misuse of 911 after demanding police connect him with his embassy — Sami Albalawai

Metro Police eventually arrested 27-year-old Sami Awash Albalawi after he called 911 twelve times, demanding to be put in touch with his embassy. Officers responded to the first of the calls, which came from a motel near the airport, and explained that police were unable to assist him with contacting his embassy, and that he would need to contact them on his own. Police believed they had an understanding, and left Mr. Albalawai. Several more calls then accumulated at the Emergency Communications Center, who traced the first few to the same motel, and the later ones at the Nashville International Airport.

Police were eventually able to locate the man after the 12th call to 911. After it was apparent there was no clear understanding that 911 would be unable to assist him, he was transported to booking and charged with aggravated non-emergency calls. He is jailed in lieu of a $1,000 bond.

Woman kicks in ex’s bedroom door, awakens him at gunpoint with threats, $1K bond — DoMonique Lorraine Union

Melvin Harris says he woke up Thursday morning just before 8 a.m. to his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, 28-year-old DoMonique Lorraine Union, kicking in his bedroom door and pointing a gun at him while making threats about keeping him from seeing their son. She then shattered a television in the room while yelling and screaming, before fleeing the scene in a 2015 Chevy Camaro. Police say she gained access to the home using a spare key she retained. She was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail later that same day, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She is free on a $1,000 bond.

Drunk woman texts ‘POW POW!’ threat, storms front door, falls on sidewalk, lays there until police arrive — Angie Chapman

49-year-old Angie Chapman, who is in the middle of a heated divorce, decided to track her husband down Tuesday night at his brother’s home, just a few streets over. She sent texts on the way over, stating “Do you remember how to shoot? I do!”… and “POW POW!”. Once she arrived, she texted him to “look out your window, a–hole” so she could “zero in”. She stormed the front porch, opened the storm door, and attempted to push her way into the home, but the homeowner pushed her back out the door, causing her to fall down the steps, firmly plopping her body on the sidewalk below, where she remained laying until police arrived. They took her into custody while she screamed “I will come back and get them!”. A loaded Smith & Wesson revolver was located in her front passenger seat, and she was extremely intoxicated. Police only charged her with misdemeanor aggravated trespass, and she posted a $2,500 cash bond after being booked. She recently removed $40,000 from the joint checking account, which has been a contentious point during the divorce proceedings.