Kyra Lewis lies to police about her car being stolen after hitting another vehicle while drunk

26-year-old Kyra Nykole Lewis was taken into custody for vehicular assault, interference with a 911 call, driving without a valid license, failure to file a report, false report, and failure to render aid on May 25th. Around 5:24 a.m., Lewis called the police at the 1310 Plaza on Antioch Pike regarding her stolen vehicle. When officers arrived, she approached them with Kaya Johnson, who stated she needed an ambulance, believing her clavicle may have been broken. During this, officers were notified of a nearby car accident, where occupants of the involved car could not be located. Then, officers spoke with Lewis, who advised them that her gray Kia Forte had been stolen and that she still had the keys. She went with Johnson to the hospital, during which deputies discovered that Johnson called them regarding a car crash on Jansing Drive. At the hospital, Lewis continued stating her Forte had been stolen, adding that she would never drive due to her being “heavily intoxicated.” Then, officers followed up with Johnson, who told them that she and Lewis were leaving After-Hours nightclub when she swerved to avoid an animal and struck a parked car, resulting in her injury. She said she watched Lewis take four shots of liquor before leaving the club. After the crash, when Johnson tried to call 911 for services, Lewis forced her to hang up. Then, Johnson stated Lewis interfered when she tried to redial the police. Johnson said Lewis told her that she was going to call the police and report her car stolen to avoid repercussions for her colliding with another vehicle while drunk. When officers returned to the lobby with the information, Lewis ran out, got into a car, and left the hospital. Officers later confirmed that Johnson had broken her clavicle.

DUI: Bryan Berninger crashes twice on Charlotte Pike, says he didn’t “drink to get drink”

25-year-old Bryan Berninger was involved in a car accident with injuries near Charlotte Pike and 22nd Avenue North late April 27th. When officers arrived at the scene of the crash, they were approached by Veronica Renee Edwards, who advised them that an individual, later identified as Berninger, had crashed into her vehicle also at another location further down the road. Officers located Berninger in the driver’s seat and had him exit his car. He showed signs of impairment and got into the back of an ambulance, where he stated he had drank earlier at a “sampler” and that he was not there to “Drink to get drink,” later clarifying that he had meant “drunk.”

Officers reported that “When asked about the other crash further down the road, Berninger stated he could not recall another crash. He stated what had caused the initial crash was that the “vehicles in front” of him “stopped,” but he “did not stop.” Officers located a handgun on the passenger side floorboard, which he claimed was his. Berninger was then transported to Meharry General Hospital, where officers followed and prompted him with a sobriety test, in which he showed multiple signs of intoxication and smelled strongly of alcohol. He agreed to provide a blood sample and, under Miranda, requested a lawyer. Berninger was released from the hospital and then was taken into custody for failure to give information, leaving the scene of an accident, driving under the influence, and possession of a weapon while under the influence.

Steven Clarke Jr. causes crash, goes home like nothing happened

22-year-old Steven Clarke Jr. was involved in a hit-and-run collision near Saundersville Road and Andrew Jackson Parkway on the night of March 30th. When officers arrived, they spoke with the other driver, Ashley Noble, and two witnesses, Aaron Boyd and David Foster. They advised officers that a white sedan drove into Noble’s vehicle, leaving bruises and cuts on her face, and left the scene. One of the witnesses added that he followed Clarke Jr. to a Morgan Drive address. Officers went and located a white sedan with heavy front-end damage, which matched the description they were given. When officers arrived, Clarke Jr.’s father approached them, and they asked him if he had been driving the car. Clarke Jr.’s father replied, “No, that was my son. He is inside.” He then went to retrieve Clarke Jr. for the police. When Clarke Jr. came back outside, officers noticed he had a laceration on his lip consistent with having been in a vehicle collision. Clarke Jr. also showed signs of disorientation and matched Noble’s description. During the officers’ investigation, they located a beer can on the floorboard of his vehicle. Clarke Jr. was taken into custody for failure to file a report of an accident with injury or damage, failure to give information/render aid, leaving the scene of an accident, and leaving the scene of a personal injury accident.

DUI: Vanderbilt Doctor Derrick Sowder hits motorcycle rider & flees the scene

43-year-old Vanderbilt Doctor Derrick Sowder was jailed on April 15th for a hit and run on Lebanon Pike. A witness provided police with Sowder’s license plate number, and they found him parking his vehicle in his driveway as they arrived. There was significant damage to his vehicle, consistent with the crash that took place approximately a mile away. Sowder told police that he had been hit by an unknown vehicle and drove home without stopping after the crash. Sowder appeared to be intoxicated and admitted to drinking a glass of wine about 3 hours before the crash. His speech was slow and slurred, and he had watery bloodshot eyes. Mr. Sowder’s boyfriend, James Lindsey, took a rideshare to his house after hearing about the crash and told police that He and Sowder each had about four glasses of wine at his house before Mr. Sowder left to drive home. Mr. Sowder hit Elliot Mullins on a motorcycle, and he suffered a compound fracture to his leg.

Billy Hentz charged in Hermitage DUI hit-and-run after leaving Double E’s Bar

62-year-old Billy Hentz fled from a crash scene earlier this month in Hermitage. Angelique Spitaliere told police he fled after crashing into her vehicle and that he appeared to be intoxicated. He was observed in the nearby Publix parking lot, sitting in the front seat of his white Ford Taurus. Hentz told police he was on his way home from Double E’s Bar & Grill, where he consumed two beers and stopped in the Publix parking lot to attend to a flat tire. Officers noted extensive front-end damage to his vehicle, which had open alcohol containers and a firearm inside. Hentz performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI 2nd, among other charges.

Adam Wilson flees after DUI crash in East Nashville

Police say 37-year-old Adam Wilson crashed into another vehicle in East Nashville late Sunday night and then fled south on Gallatin Pike. Wilson was driving a Toyota Tacoma and had lost a tire and was dragging debris as he sped away from the accident scene. Eight minutes later, a citizen reported the Tacoma on his street, kicking up sparks as it hobbled along West Greenwood Avenue. The citizen observed Wilson get out of the truck and detained him until police arrived moments later. Wilson reeked of alcohol, and there was a half-drank can of beer in the center console.