Fahd Opanuga attempts to pass through TSA with fake ID at Nashville International Airport

56-year-old Fahd Opanuga was taken into custody for criminal impersonation, theft of identity, and criminal simulation on April 18th at TSA checkpoint in Nashville International Airport. During a fraud investigation, airport police officers approached Opanuga and asked for his ID, which he voluntarily provided. Then, when officers ran his ID, it returned bearing the name “Hakeem Adewale Bashorun.” Officers discovered that Opanuga was not the person pictured when Bashorun’s information returned. Officers then located a credit card under Bashorun’s identity in his possession as well. Opanuga was then detained for the incident.

DUI: Cody Carlbert nearly hits multiple people trying to leave airport with rented Ford Taurus

45-year-old Cody Edward Carlbert tried to drive away in a rented Ford Taurus and nearly hit an employee and a passenger at the rental car facility at Nashville International Airport on April 15th. When officers arrived, Carlbert told them he was trying to leave with a rental, but the booth attendant said he seemed intoxicated, so he exited the Taurus and returned to the terminal. Carlbert reeked of alcohol and started “talking in circles,” unable to comprehend what officers were telling him. Multiple rental car employees advised that he almost hit two people and provided footage showing the incident. Carlbert showed signs of impairment during the eye test and refused to take any additional sobriety tests. Carlbert was taken into custody for driving under the influence.     

Shana Lyons deemed too drunk for Nashville International Airport

35-year-old Shana Leigh Lyons was refused boarding at Gate C22 at Nashville International Airport on March 20th. When officers arrived, they noticed she was crying by the gate desk, visibly upset, as airline employees pointed her out. Lyons reeked of alcohol as officers asked for her identification, which she struggled to find, rummaging through her purse and grabbing a wallet that did not have it. Lyons then located her ID and gave it to the officers, so they went to run her information through their system. During this, the airline employees got Lyons rebooked for the next day, attempted to book a hotel for her, and then called her husband. Officers were given the number for the hotel and tried to get Lyons to call to ask if they had any vacancies. Lyons did not follow the instructions, and officers determined she could not care for herself. Officers grabbed Lyon’s things, detained her, and escorted her to the patrol car. They notified Lyon’s husband of the situation and told him she would call him once she was released. Lyons was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Milton Morocho-Zhunio drunkenly wanders onto Nashville International Airport airfield

32-year-old Milton Morocho-Zhunio was stopped by TSA in front of Gate D3 at Nashville International Airport on March 12th. When officers arrived, they located and noticed him showing numerous signs of impairment. Morocho-Zhunio admitted to drinking, and when officers asked him how he was able to access the secured movement area of the airfield, he replied, “Uber” and “The bus.” Officers then reviewed footage of Morocho-Zhunio taking the elevator to the ramp level and wandering through the secured area until TSA stopped him. Morocho-Zhunio was taken into custody for public intoxication and an air security violation.

Vincent Clement deemed too drunk for Nashville International Airport

45-year-old Vincent Clement showed multiple signs of impairment while sitting at Nashville International Airport on the night of February 29th. A passerby observed this and alerted the authorities, initially believing Clement was unresponsive. When officers arrived, they noticed he was awake and reeked of alcohol. When officers questioned Clement, he was unaware of what day it was and admitted to drinking. Clement then told officers he was not flying in or out, leading officers to ask him why he was there. Clement replied, asking, “Am I at the airport?” Clement was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Zachary Zytkowski grabs woman’s breast at Nashville International Airport

31-year-old Zachary Peter Zytkowski inappropriately touched a passenger, Kelsey Laflin, near the Gate 27 area in Nashville International Airport on the morning of February 29th. Witnesses pointed Zytkowski out when officers arrived, stating he was the suspect. Then, Officers spoke with Laflin, who said she was walking toward her gate and felt “a single hand cup my left breast and squeeze,” explaining that she did not know him or give him permission for the contact. Officers reviewed CCTV footage, which correlated with Laflin’s statement, and then placed Zytkowski into custody for sexual battery.

Alvin Moss caught at Nashville International Airport with 10 pounds of marijuana

37-year-old Alvin Lester Moss was taken into custody for felony possession on February 28th. Nashville Airport Police Department investigated an inbound Southwest flight 802 scheduled to arrive from Los Angeles, CA. Officers deployed their narcotics detecting K-9 Peggy, who gave a positive indication to four bags. The bags included a hard-sided dark pink roller bag with a SWA bag tag name displaying “Collins/Ebony,” a dark blue hard-sided roller bag with a SWA bag tag name displaying “Moss/Alvin,” a light blue hard-sided roller bag with a SWA bag tag name displaying “Hampton/Willie,” and a light pink hard-sided roller bag with a SWA bag tag name displaying “Hughes/Toshel.” Officers located them once each bag was claimed and separately asked to search their luggage, to which they consented. During a search of Moss’s dark blue suitcase, they located 10 bundles of vacuum-sealed marijuana totaling 4,535.92 grams/10 pounds.

Cody Theriot deemed too drunk for Nashville International Airport

30-year-old Cody Theriot was jailed on February 6th after arguing with a bartender at the Ole Red restaurant at the Nashville Airport. Theriot told officers he was upset with the bartender for cutting him off. Theriot was told to go to his gate and wait for his flight. Less than 2 hours later, police received a call that Theriot was arguing with a different bartender who refused to serve him. When officers made contact with Theriot the second time, they noticed he was much more intoxicated. He had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and was unable to follow basic instructions. Police determined him to be a public annoyance and took him into custody.

Patrick Glenn McFarland – Too drunk to fly at Nashville International Airport

31-year-old Patrick Glenn McFarland was impaired at the Nashville International Airport on November 8 as deputies were dispatched to assist him. Officers observed McFarland to be visibly intoxicated as he advised them that he had been drinking and insisted that he was in Cleveland or Kansas City. McFarland was informed that he had missed his flight, and officers helped him rebook a flight and escorted him to get a taxi. Officers noticed McFarland was on the unsecured side of security, and when they approached him, he still was unaware of his whereabouts and could not communicate properly. McFarland was taken into custody for public intoxication.

April Lewis charged with disorderly conduct at Nashville International Airport

45-year-old April Lewis was jailed Friday morning at Nashville International Airport after TSA stopped her for improper identification. There was no verification for Ms. Lewis in all 50 states causing her to be denied access. This caused her to begin screaming at officers. Officers gave her a chance to calm down, but she continued being loud and started to walk away. The TSA checkpoint was heavily populated, and her behavior was stopping the flow of traffic; therefore, Ms. Lewis was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.