Sarah Worden & Zackary Harvey charged in DUI crash in East Nashville

Police say 29-year-old Zackary Harvey was the at-fault driver in a three-vehicle collision in East Nashville in the early hours of Sunday morning. Harvey claimed he was not the driver, but everyone else at the scene identified him as the driver, including two of his passengers, Cody Price and Dominick Jamison. Harvey, who reeked of alcohol, refused all testing and just repeated the word “lawyer” throughout the interaction. A search warrant was granted for his blood due to another party being injured. Once at the hospital, he struggled with officers and staff, not allowing them to draw his blood. He was additionally charged with resisting due to not complying with the order.

31-year-old Sarah Worden was the registered owner of the vehicle and was also a passenger. Police say she was also intoxicated, and everyone in the vehicle stated they had just come from a bar. Due to her allowing him to drive while knowing he was intoxicated, she was charged with DUI per-se.

DUI: Olivia Grant blows 0.218% BAC after “one beer and one shot of tequila” – injury crash

25-year-old Olivia Grant was charged with a DUI on December 19. According to police, Olivia crashed her jeep while driving home from downtown Nashville when she went the wrong way onto an interstate onramp due to being tired. Olivia admitted to police that she had consumed “one beer and one shot of tequila.” She was transported to East Precinct to complete a field sobriety test. Officers report she was unable to walk a straight line, keep her head straight, unable to keep her balance, or keep her arms at her side during the test. She consented to a breathalyzer test and was transported to Metro Nashville Jail, where she blew a .218% BAC.

DUI: John Magnuson belligerent with cops after East Nashville hit and run

Metro Nashville Police responded to Rosebank & Porter Road in the early hours of Sunday morning at witnesses say they observed 32-year-old John Magnuson crash into a car and drive away from the initial impact area. Officers located Magnuson a short distance away behind the wheel of his 2019 Toyota Camry, which had heavy front-end damage. He stated he had not consumed any alcohol. Officers described him as very belligerent, and he refused to follow basic instructions. He reportedly reeked of alcohol and was unable to stand on his own. He attempted field sobriety tests, but they had to be stopped for his own safety due to his extreme level of intoxication.

Kevin Hynes ditches Buffalo Valley rehab for a 7 eleven, lands in Nashville jail cell

Officers responded to Buffalo Valley’s Nashville Rehab Center on Oak Valley Drive Sunday to find that 32-year-old Kevin Peter Hynes was the subject of their disorderly person call. Vanderbilt Hospital had delivered Hynes to the location for treatment, and he was still extremely intoxicated upon arrival. He was advised to go inside the building for the night to avoid a public intoxication charge, he agreed, and officers left. A short time later, officers are .2 miles away at the 7 eleven on Dickerson Pike, where they noticed Hynes was walking in the door. Still heavenly intoxicated, he successfully avoided rehab and detox for the night and received a free ride to jail.