Jeanie Johnson attacks man with tree branch during brawl

Police where attempted to break up a fight between multiple individuals on May 28 when 49-year-old Jeanie Johnson ran up on an officer and the person he was attempting to detain with a large tree limb, attempting to assault the individual, identified as Mohamud Hassan. Officers had to take her to the ground and disarm her from the branch. The victim told the officer she also assaulted him with the branch prior to their arrival.

Shawn Hatch charged with assault of another man

25-year-old Shawn Hatch was booked this week on an outstanding citation charging him with an assault on Valentine’s Day. Officers responded to a Sweden Drive address, where the victim provided a video that showed Hatch approaching the victim while the victim backed away. Hatch then began to hit and punch the victim. He was issued a citation charging him with assault.

Caleb Eidlebach charged with second DUI after illegal u-turn

26-year-old Caleb Eidlebach was jailed Sunday afternoon when police saw him run a red light on Old Hickory Boulevard. Eidlebach came to a complete stop but then continued to run the red light and make a U-turn from the left lane of Dodson Chapel Road near Old Hickory Boulevard. Once pulled over, police saw several open containers of beer. Eidlebach told police he had been drinking earlier in the morning. He performed poorly on sobriety tests and was charged with DUI 2nd, as he was previously convicted of DUI in May 2016.

Sarah Worden & Zackary Harvey charged in DUI crash in East Nashville

Police say 29-year-old Zackary Harvey was the at-fault driver in a three-vehicle collision in East Nashville in the early hours of Sunday morning. Harvey claimed he was not the driver, but everyone else at the scene identified him as the driver, including two of his passengers, Cody Price and Dominick Jamison. Harvey, who reeked of alcohol, refused all testing and just repeated the word “lawyer” throughout the interaction. A search warrant was granted for his blood due to another party being injured. Once at the hospital, he struggled with officers and staff, not allowing them to draw his blood. He was additionally charged with resisting due to not complying with the order.

31-year-old Sarah Worden was the registered owner of the vehicle and was also a passenger. Police say she was also intoxicated, and everyone in the vehicle stated they had just come from a bar. Due to her allowing him to drive while knowing he was intoxicated, she was charged with DUI per-se.

Canadian tourist Tracy Wilde attacks husband and daughter-in-law during Nashville trip

60-year-old Tracy Wilde is charged with two counts of domestic assault after she reportedly got into an argument with her husband, Gary Frank Wilde, and her daughter-in-law, Rebecca Lynn Wilde, during a trip to Nashville. The victims say she became aggressive and ran at them, yelling, “I’m going to kill you!” prompting Rebecca to kick her in self-defense as she approached. This caused Tracy to fall and hit her head, but she immediately got back to her feet, and when her husband attempted to stop her from continuing her attack, she began kicking him in the stomach.