Natasshia Gaddes throws her phone at officer, tells police she had been “partying all night”

28-year-old Natasshia Gaddes was seen assaulting officers and resisting arrest at a Dew Street apartment residence on June 9th. When backup officers arrived on the scene, they found another officer with a heavily intoxicated Gaddes in custody. Officers also found Gaddes’ boyfriend with multiple injuries and blood on his face. They spoke with the officer, who stated that while he tried to separate Gaddes and her boyfriend, she became irritated and started yelling at him. The officer then attempted to de-escalate the situation, but Gaddes threw her cell phone at him, hitting his foot. The officer then attempted to detain Gaddes, but she began to push and shove him. Gaddes then pulled away from the officer before throwing herself to the ground. Gaddes also kicked and attempted to headbutt the officer when they fell to the ground. Gaddes noted that she had been “partying all night.” Gaddes was taken into custody for assault on a first responder, public intoxication, and resisting arrest.

Hayden Pattengale jailed after breaking girlfriend’s terrarium for pet snake

33-year-old Hayden Pattengale was jailed on July 8 after destroying the terrarium for his girlfriend’s pet snake. Zoe Schmitt says the two were arguing when he smashed the glass terrarium, valued at $100. He was transported to booking and charged with vandalism.

Zachariah Heil tosses drink on boyfriend; beats him to the ground after returning home

24-year-old Zachariah Heil and his boyfriend, Matthew Duncan, were out drinking at a bar late Saturday night when they began to argue. Heil reportedly threw a drink on his boyfriend, and the two later returned to the car. The victim then confronted him, and in response, Heil struck him in the face. He was assaulted yet again when they arrived at their front yard and continued to punch the victim after he was on the ground. A warrant was issued for Heil’s arrest, and he was booked on that warrant Tuesday evening. 

Sarah Worden & Zackary Harvey charged in DUI crash in East Nashville

Police say 29-year-old Zackary Harvey was the at-fault driver in a three-vehicle collision in East Nashville in the early hours of Sunday morning. Harvey claimed he was not the driver, but everyone else at the scene identified him as the driver, including two of his passengers, Cody Price and Dominick Jamison. Harvey, who reeked of alcohol, refused all testing and just repeated the word “lawyer” throughout the interaction. A search warrant was granted for his blood due to another party being injured. Once at the hospital, he struggled with officers and staff, not allowing them to draw his blood. He was additionally charged with resisting due to not complying with the order.

31-year-old Sarah Worden was the registered owner of the vehicle and was also a passenger. Police say she was also intoxicated, and everyone in the vehicle stated they had just come from a bar. Due to her allowing him to drive while knowing he was intoxicated, she was charged with DUI per-se.

Harold Spicer charged with DUI on NYE after drinking shots of Fireball Whisky

52-year-old Harold Spicer put his car in reverse on I-65N on New Year’s Eve and backed into a concrete barrier. An off-duty detective happened to also be on the interstate and witnessed the unusual behavior. First responders say Spicer was found asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle and was visibly intoxicated. Spicer, who had urinated on himself, admitted to drinking three shots of Fireball whisky prior to driving.

DUI: Mark Delgrosso drove drunk to help a friend who crashed

28-year-old Mark Delgrosso was arrested early Monday morning for a DUI. According to police reports, officers were responding to a motor vehicle collision at the Ellington Pkwy S exit ramp to E Trinity Ln when Mark was found at the location. He told officers he was there to check on a friend who was involved in the crash. He told the police he had just come from a Christmas party and had “one drink.” When questioned by police, he declined all sobriety testing and was transported to jail.

Adam Morris refuses to exit his Uber, faceplants onto the ground once he does

39-year-old Adam Michael Morris was arrested on December 2nd on West Eastland Avenue in East Nashville for public intoxication. Police say he refused to leave an Uber, prompting the driver to call police. After several attempts, Mr. Morris exited the vehicle but was unable to walk, and he fell directly onto his face, injuring himself when police told him to go to his nearby home. He was taken into custody to prevent further harm to himself, and was transported to booking.