Natasshia Gaddes throws her phone at officer, tells police she had been “partying all night”

28-year-old Natasshia Gaddes was seen assaulting officers and resisting arrest at a Dew Street apartment residence on June 9th. When backup officers arrived on the scene, they found another officer with a heavily intoxicated Gaddes in custody. Officers also found Gaddes’ boyfriend with multiple injuries and blood on his face. They spoke with the officer, who stated that while he tried to separate Gaddes and her boyfriend, she became irritated and started yelling at him. The officer then attempted to de-escalate the situation, but Gaddes threw her cell phone at him, hitting his foot. The officer then attempted to detain Gaddes, but she began to push and shove him. Gaddes then pulled away from the officer before throwing herself to the ground. Gaddes also kicked and attempted to headbutt the officer when they fell to the ground. Gaddes noted that she had been “partying all night.” Gaddes was taken into custody for assault on a first responder, public intoxication, and resisting arrest.

Sabrina Sparks assaults boyfriend for cheating on her

28-year-old Sabrina Sparks had a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Jesse Ramirez, on I-65 North, near Exit 88B, in the early hours of April 26th. Upon arrival, officers noticed Ramirez had pulled off to the right shoulder, where he stated he had just picked up Sparks from her job, “Hustlers,” a strip club in Nashville, and she was “very intoxicated.” Ramirez advised that on the ride, Sparks became upset and accused him of cheating on her.

Sparks started pulling on Ramirez from the passenger seat, jumped into the back seat, and started biting, scratching, and hitting him, causing him to believe he was going to crash, so he stopped the car. He had numerous visible injuries, consistent with his statements, and showed officers a video of Sparks striking him from the backseat. When officers spoke with Sparks, she told them she was acting in self-defense, adding that Ramirez had grabbed her first, and they just pulled on each other. Sparks was deemed as the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Jordan Pankey drives car off tow truck after refusing to pay drop fee

33-year-old Jordan Pankey had a dispute with Hajar Hussein, an employee at Express Towing near Lakeside Lounge on Woodland Street, late February 23rd. Hussein alerted the authorities, advising that he was called to tow Pankey’s vehicle for blocking a dumpster. When Hussein arrived and hooked up the car, Pankey approached and refused to pay the drop fee. Pankey then entered the car and drove it off the tow truck. Only after doing this did he offer to pay, but Hussein refused because he had already driven his vehicle off. Pankey was cited for the incident. Pankey was later booked on the citation of theft on March 20th.

Tralarrious Harrison crashes into police officer’s car; charged with DUI

21-year-old Tralarrious Harrison crashed his girlfriend’s black Sedan into an officer’s vehicle at the intersection of Dickerson Pk and Ewing Dr. on October 21st. Officers responded to the scene and observed a male get out of the passenger side of the Sedan and flee the scene. Harrison was visibly intoxicated as officers approached him and noticed he did not have shoes on before transporting him to General Hospital. Officers spoke with Harrison, and before they could ask him, he told them that he “was not the driver of the vehicle,” that he “messed his girlfriend’s car up,” that he was “extremely intoxicated,” and that he “exited the driver’s side after the crash.” Officers found a 24 oz Coors Light can with beer still in it and a plastic bag with 6.66 grams of a marijuana-like substance. Harrison was taken into custody for possession, driving under the influence, and an open container violation.