George Fitzgerald, 68, offers to “lick the chest” of woman at Hermitage restaurant

68-year-old George Fitzgerald was at the Las Palmas restaurant in Hermitage with a group of individuals when he noticed Victoria Locke and Courtney Croft-Crawford, who were dining nearby. George told the women that after his group finished eating, he would return and buy them drinks. After his friend group returned, geriatric George returned inside the restaurant and sat across from the two women in a booth. He reportedly began to make crude comments, including how he would like to “see them together,” sexually. Courtney says he told her he wanted to “lick her chest,” while he began to rub Victoria’s leg under the table. He also reportedly groped one of the women, as well. They sought refuge at the hostess stand, and an employee accompanied them to their vehicle. The woman filed a report with the police, who were able to obtain video footage of the assault on the two women.

DUI: Thomas Gravelle charged after improperly navigating traffic circle

40-year-old Thomas Gravelle failed to propertly negotiate the traffic circle near 8th Ave S. in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Friday morning. A Metro Nashville Police officer was driving behind him and initiated a traffic stop. Gravelle was reportedly visible intoxicated, had slurred speech, and smelled of alcohol. He admitted to consuming “one drink” and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. He later blew a 0.123% BAC on a breathalyzer.

DUI: Lisa Smith had three glasses of Prosecco at Christmas party before crash

27-year-old Lisa Smith says she was leaving a Christmas party and headed home on December 13th when she crashed on I-65 North, near mile marker 88. She admitted to drinking three glasses of Prosecco prior to driving. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and blew a 0.202% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Zachariah Morris charged in theft of Lexus GS460

19-year-old Zachariah Morris was jailed this week on an outstanding felony warrant charging him with the theft of an automobile. Police say he stole Robert Fortune’s 2021 Lexus GS460, valued at $53,000, from his residence on Rosa L. Parks Blvd. He then fled to Gallatin, where he nearly struck a patrol car and was later arrested on multiple driving-related charges.

Alejandro Trujillo punches friend in face who takes his keys to prevent him from drunk driving

Metro Nashville Police responded to a call for service early Thursday morning at 1st & Gay street in downtown Nashville regarding an apparent fight between two friends. They located 24-year-old Alejandro Trujillo and Victor Martinez, who had been out drinking downtown and were returning to the parking area. When Victor told Alejandro he should not drive due to his level of intoxication and took his keys from him, Alejandro punched him in the face 4-5 times, chipping his tooth and injuring his lip. He was charged with public intoxication and assault, and received a free ride to booking by a designated driver, Officer Damon Hutcheson.

Kevon Banks booked on an outstanding 2018 citation for rolling a blunt with cocaine

In 2018, 24-year-old Kevon Banks was approached by Metro Nashville Police as he “prepared marijuana for consumption”. A probable cause search also resulted in 0.1 grams of cocaine in his lap. He was issued a state citation to self-book but never did. He was finally jailed on the charge this week.

Guilty Vanderbilt Nurse Radonda Vaught still faces perjury charge for lying on gun store purchase while awaiting trial

Now that disgraced Vanderbilt Nurse Radonda Vaught has been found guilty of criminally negligent homicide and gross neglect of an impaired adult for her actions responsible for a patient’s death, she must still face a perjury charge related to a gun store purchase while awaiting trial in the homicide case. In materials that prosecutors from the District Attorney’s Office were prepared to use had Vaught taken the stand is a copy of an affidavit charging Vaught with lying to the government once before.

The Jury would have heard how she attempted to pick up two AR-15 Lower Receivers from a local gun store, swearing she wasn’t under any felony indictments – despite being arrested and booked on a felony reckless homicide indictment months earlier, for which she was currently out on bond. Once caught, she would admit she had “some court stuff going on”, downplaying the felony reckless homicide indictment she was facing.

Dajon Treadaway charged with punching 5-year-old nephew’s teeth out, fracturing his jaw

Police say 30-year-old Dajon Treadaway was upset that his 5-year-old nephew was smashing cookies in a drawer inside his Hermitage Apartment. He became so upset he punched the child in the face twice with his fist, causing him to lose three teeth and his jaw to be fractured. A commissioner set his bond at $100,000.

Woman charged with punching and kicking bouncer at Nudie’s Honky Tonk — Naomi Wright

28-year-old Naomi Wright is charged with public intoxication and assault after she reportedly punched and kicked Joshua Jeter, who is a security guard for Nudie’s Honky Tonk, as he was escorting her out of the venue after she had been in a fight on the rooftop. We were unable to verify any active security guard license on file for Joshua Jeter with the state.

Woman charged in biting assault of boyfriend — Katelen Jennings jailed

34-year-old Katelen Jennings is charged with the domestic assault of her boyfriend, who told police she bit him and continually attempted to ‘rush’ at him in multiple attempts to get his phone while he was attempting to sleep. Court records show she believed there was something ‘suspicious on his phone, and wanted to question him and search it. She was determined to be the primary aggressor and charged with domestic assault/bodily injury. She is free on a $2,500 bond.